Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Sammi says that every job is an opportunity for happiness so she would do her best.
Sammi Cheng has someone carrying an umbrella to keep her dry
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Sammi Cheng Sau Man might be preparing to become Mrs. Hui, but she is still working hard on her own career. She has been braving the chill for her new film in recent days. Sammi fulfilled her promise to her friend Cheuk Wan Chi to perform when Cheuk directed again. She became her new film's lead actress to work with Nick Cheung Ka Fai. The film was a love story between real estate agents, thus Sammi was dressed very conservatively. Also due to the flimsy clothing during the shoot in the wind and the rain she could not help but shiver.

Sammi two nights ago already spent all night in the wind. She even said that her legs in the flimsy costume and 5 inch high heels kept shivering from the cold; however she was very high emotionally because being able to work hard for her character was a happy opportunity. Two nights ago after shivering she continued to work in 9 degrees Celsius temperature yesterday morning. She wrote online, "9 degrees temperature with wet and cold air, I really want to stay under my warm blankets in bed. However, I have to work on the movie. So in the morning I got up at 8AM and did strength exercises first to push myself to the limit. Sweating bullets in 9 degrees!! My attention is focused and I continue to shine. After hair and make up, I headed out for work! Every job is a happy opportunity. I say to myself: do your best!" Yesterday during the shoot cold rain came. Although Sammi's face was red and frozen, she insisted on standing in herself for the camera tests. The team also had someone to carry an umbrella for her so she would not get wet.

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