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The Carina Lau and Tony Leung Ka Fai starred BEIJING LOVE STORY will be released at the end of next month in Hong Kong
Joey Yung and Leo Ku perform the film theme song
Director Chen Sicheng and his wife Tong Liya also star in the film
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Carina Lau Ka Ling and Tony Leung Ka Fai in the Emperor Motion Picture BEIJING LOVE STORY had a relationship. The film yesterday opened in the Mainland and in half a day it already broke 20 million RMB. Director Chen Sicheng appeared at a meet and greet. When he witnessed a viewer under the film's influence proposed marriage, he was moved to tears. Chen Sicheng promised that when the viewer weds he would send a video blessing with his wife Tong Liya.

The Lau Ka Ling and Leung Ka Fai starred BEIJING LOVE STORY ran into a rare "double Valentine's Day" and invaded the Mainland box office. After half a day its opening already broke the FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE (LUNG MOON FEI GAP)'s opening and it easily reached 20 million RMB. The team could not be more excited and Ka Ling's promotional effort in the North before going to Europe was not wasted.

Although many Mainland cinemas were showing BEIJING, yesterday getting a ticket was different. Suspected scalpers even appeared online.

Director Chen Sicheng yesterday appeared in Wuhan and met with 400 fans. Sharing love stories with viewers of different ages, Director Chen could not be touched. A "Post 80" male viewer pointed out the message of the film gave him the impulse to wed. After the event a viewer proposed on the spot, the girl replied, "Although he isn't the richest, he loves me the most."

With all the romantic atmosphere, Director Chen was moved to tears. "I will send that viewer a video blessing with my Tong Liya (his wife) when he weds."

In addition, BEIJING's theme song performers Joey Yung Cho Yi and Leo Ku Kui Ke were excited about the box office success and looked forward to the film's Hong Kong release at the end of next month.

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