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Ryan, Sam and Scott Hui
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God Song Sam Hui Koon Kit will perform three shows of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD SAM HUI 2004 CONCERT at the Hong Kong Coliseum in April. Yesterday Sam with his sons Ryan and Scott attended his Hong Kong University concert press conference. Sam's fans attended in support and presented flowers to their idol. Sam as usual returned the favor with a kiss. He also showed his new song JOYOUS LAND music video that Scott shot in Hawaii.

Sam revealed that lately he has been getting back into shape for his performance. "Earlier people wrote that I got fat, which made me lose weight immediately. I mainly run, swim and practice karate, now I have already dropped seven pounds. I hope to lose ten more pounds before the show." He also said that the concert costumes would be more elegant. "They will have leopard print, but more conservative than before." During the show he would as usual go to the edge of the stage to "kiss" fans. He stated that both guys and girls were OK.

Sam said that aside from his sons, Scott's wife will also sing. He praised his daughter in law's singing. He invited Ella Koon Yun Na as well. The concert theme would be WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. He hoped that the audience would feel the joy. Did he go with this theme only because Hong Kong lately had more and more complaints? Sam said, "Yes,I want to disguise harmony, I hope Hong Kong would take an optimistic approach to life."

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