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Chen Sicheng wrote, directed and starred in the film, even got his wife Tong Liya to star
Director Chen Sicheng personally demonstrates a scene with Tony Leung Ka Fai
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The Tony Leung Ka Fai and Carina Lau Ka Ling starred Emperor Motion Picture BEIJING LOVE STORY two days ago was released on double Valentine's Day in the Mainland. With Best Actor and Best Actress together, the film's opening box office passed 100 million RMB, even broke five records and defeated the recent Mainland hit film WHERE ARE YOU GOING DAD to become the highest grossing box office 2D Chinese films in Mainland film history.

Two days ago was the once every 19 years double Valentine's Day, which also was the Chen Sicheng written, directed and starred, Leung Ka Fai and Lau Ka Ling starred Emperor Motion Picture BEIJING LOVE STORY opened in the Mainland. It already set five new records including The highest opening for a 2D Chinese film in Mainland, 2D Chinese film workday highest box office, Mainland Valentine's Day highest grossing romantic film, the fastest Chinese romantic film to reach 100 million, the highest Mainland half day opening box office and even breaking its rival, super popular Mainland 2D film WHERE ARE YOU GOING DAD's record (90 million RMB opening day). As for the Mainland Valentine's Day highest grossing romantic film, it also far surpassed the previous record holder SAY YES' 45 million RMB.

Aside from the opening day box office records, the film also won word of mouth. Some Mainland viewers after watching wrote "touched, lament and grateful" review. Many viewers also complained that a BEIJING ticket was hard to find.

With such a good performance for new film, no wonder Lau Ka Ling who was overseas was in especially great mood. On double Valentine's Day she wrote online, "Happy 15th, even happier 14th!" to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day. BEIJING will be released in March 20 in Hong Kong.

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