Friday, September 5, 2014


Rosina Lam will work on a series in Taiwan
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Eddie Cheung receives support from friend Felix Wong
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Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, BabyJohn and others starred film TWILIGHT ONLINE (HUNG BO JOI SIN) two nights ago held its premiere. Cheung Siu Fai earlier won Best Actor with the film. Two nights ago many friends, like Felix Wong Yat Wa, Anne Heung Hoi Lan, Star Soccer Team, Michael Kwan Lai Kit and his wife and daughter, Kabby Hui Nga Ting and Coffee Lam Chin Yu, came to support him. Cheung Siu Fai said that he was very happy to receive all his friends' support, in particular even Hollywood director Michael Mann congratulated him over e-mail and even hoped to work together again. Wong Yat Wa celebrated his birthday two days ago with dinner with his family. What did his daughter give him as a present? He pointed at his jacket and said that it came from his daughter and her boyfriend. As for the birthday wish, he wished most importantly for good health. Did he urge his daughter to wed? He said that he would leave it up to them to decide.

Kabby recently participated in the Stephen Chow Sing Chi's film MERMAID actress recruitment. She said that she was already in the top 12. Now she is learning swimming and synchronized swimming because she has a chance to be selected she has to know how to swim to play the mermaid. She said that she will head to Shenzhen to practice. Will she have a chance to meet Sing Yeh? She said, "So far not yet." Will she appear in a bikini to meet Sing Yeh? Kabby said that she will wear an one piece but can buy another as a back up.

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