Friday, September 12, 2014


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A group of Japanese fans pay their respect at Po Fook Hill
Chan Suk Fun and Gor Fans still miss Leslie Cheung
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Yesterday would have been Leslie Cheung Kwok's 58th birthday. Gor Gor's former manager Chan Suk Fun and her son Ka Ho, friend Lin Yim Fai, Gor Gor's former assistant Kenneth and a group of fans went to Po Fook Hill to wish Gor Gor Happy Birthday. Several dozen fans from Hong Kong, the Mainland and overseas (Japan and Vietnam) presented flowers, birthday cake, cards and origami cranes as offerings to Gor Gor.

Last year, "Gor" fans said to Mrs. Chan that they hoped she would organize another event for Cheung Kwok Wing's 60th birthday. For this April 1, Mrs. Chan promised that if 1 million Gor fans would support it she would consider produce a "Leslie Cheung musical" for tha fans. As of the deadline, the amount already exceeded 1.42 million. Yet many fans said that the choice to play Gor Gor would be very important. Mrs. Chan explained that because Cheung Kwok Wing was irreplaceable in her and "Gor" fans' hearts, Mrs. Chan would try other methods like high technology to bring "Gor Gor" back to life. Actually Gor Gor once promised Mrs. Chan to work on a musical for her. Mrs. Chan hoped that this future musical will be able to fulfill this promise with "Gor Gor".

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