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Mrs. Heung is upset that Charles Heung is harmed 
Is it easier for Stephen Chow to express himself on film?
Mrs. Heung reveals that Stephen Chow wanted Cecilia Cheung to shave her head and wait for work, otherwise she would have to pay 3.5 million in compensation
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Daneil Lam criticizes Sing Yeh for never keeping other people's feeling in mind
Reportedly Cecilia Cheung while working on SHAOLIN SOCCER faced pressure from Stephen Chow
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Recently an article titled WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HATE STEPHEN CHOW SING CHI? spread like wild fire online. It was published on messaging platform called "Art Western District". The article was 50,000 words long, telling in detail Chow Sing Chi's childhood life, performing art career and romantic experience. It also clarified his grudges and misunderstandings with industry insiders of the years; however the articled pointed out that due to his frequent collaborator Charles Heung Wa Keung's mob background, his immigration application to Canada was rejected. Mrs. Heung Tiffany Chen Lan was extremely upset and publicly blasted Chow Sing Chi. Mrs. Heung said, "I am not afraid of crossing him, I have to reveal his true face."

The article was published as early as April this year online. A self proclaimed experienced Chow Sing Chi fan wrote it. he pointed out that fans were as similar with Chow Sing Chi's work as the back of their hands, but few knew about him personally. In addition with his low profile he rarely explained himself. Thus this writer claimed to attempt to collect information about Sing Yeh and shared it in the article. The entire article was 50,000 words and had many valuable Chow Sing Chi childhood and adolescent photos.

Later the article in July was released on the messaging platform of "Art Western District". Lately Mrs. Heung and Heung Wa Keung were very upset after reading the article, because it mentioned that because Chow Sing Chi worked with Mr. Heung on films, his 1993 and 1996 immigration applications to Canada were declined. Supposedly "the Canada Immigration Department felt that Chow Sing Chi was also suspected to have mob ties, due to anonymous Hong Kong industry informant." The article also pointed out that Mr. Heung hindered Sing Yeh from raising financing for SHAOLIN SOCCER and even made it know that whoever gave Chow Sing Cho money was his enemy.

Heung Wa Keung and his wife were extremely angry after reading the article. Mrs. Heung pointed out that that Mr. Heung usually just laughed off all inaccurate rumors no matter how much they hurt, but this time he felt very mad. Although the intermediary after learning about Mr. and Mrs. Heung's rage informed Chow Sing Chi, Sing Yeh said to the intermediary that the article had nothing to do with him and hoped to call Mrs. Heung to explain. However Mrs. Heung felt that the article has already spread online and would not accept his personal apology. Mrs. Heung yesterday remained angry and blamed Chow Sing Chi. "This online article truly is too harmful to my husband, so I have to come out and protect him. This article is like his personal autobiography. Some of the childhood photos even the media may not have. Can a fan have some much information? I am only erupting after years of holding back. Everything I say is true and has evidence. I am not afraid of crossing him. Instead he hasn't treated me like a friend, I have to uncover his true face even more."

She pointed that Mr. Heung before 1997 has already become a chairman of a publicly traded company and often commuted to the Mainland, proving that he did not (have a mob background). Otherwise the government would have arrested him long ago. Back then many entertainment people worked with Mr. Heung and she has not heard about his immigration applications being rejected, proving that they were not the problem. She even said that Chow Sing Chi's film salary was HK$ 300,000 before he became famous. Then it went to 700,000, 1 million to 15 million. His then manager TVB could bear witness that it was more than 700,000.

Mrs. Heung even revealed that back then Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi was under her banner, but she still owed him a film. Because the contract would end soon he asked Cheung Pak Chi to shave her head, wait for work and prohibited her from taking other film roles within half a year. Yet at the time she had many advertising offers how could she shave her had? Then the company accused her for forgetting where she came from and asked for 3.5 million in compensation; back then they only gave Pak Chi HK$ 500 in advanced. Thus Mrs. Heung personally wrote a letter to scold him with 8 full pages. Then he said that let it go.

Daneil Lam Siu Ming whose film company invested in SHAOLIN SOCCER then said that he has heard about the rumor but never asked Sing Yeh about it. "I heard about it from friends, but at the tim I didn't ask Chow Sing Chi about it. Anyone who has worked with him would know what kind of person he is. He is too selfish, at work he would not care about other people's feelings. With him you wouldn't even become an ordinary friend, not to mention a close friend."

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