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Ko Chen-Tung posts a self portrait and welcomes everyday with a smile
Ko Chen-Tung
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Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) on August 19th was arrested for having over 100 grams of marijuana in his Beijing home and providing a location for others to use drug along with drug user Ko Chen-Tung. However, Ko Chen-Tung after 14 days of administrative detention was already released and returned to Taiwan . Cho Ming remained in detention for committing a felony. Yesterday Supreme People's Procuratorate officially approved charging Fong Cho Ming, he will face an official charge and trial.

According to Mainland lawyers, if Cho Ming is found guilty of sheltering others to use drugs he might be sentenced to a maximum of 3 years in prison, reduced sentence or probation as well as fined. According to the already revealed information, the possibility of a light sentence was low. He would only has hope for a light sentence if the information he provided was crucial in arrests.

The Beijing Public Security's official Weibo issued a blog on August 18th, revealing that the police recovered over 100 grams of marijuana at Cho Ming's residence. Also arrested was Song who was suspected of selling the drugs to Cho Ming. Song at the same time confirmed that Cho Ming through a Mainland assistant Sun purchased drugs on Song. Cho Ming was "suspected of harboring others' drug use" while Sun and Song were "suspected of drug sale". The three were detained according to the law. Ko Chen-Tung was "under administrative detention for drug use", but earlier was already released and returned to Taiwan.

On September 10th, the Beijing Public Security Eastern District branch filed charges with the Beijing Eastern District People's Procuratorate against Chan Cho Ming (stage name Fong Cho Ming) for harboring others' drug use. After the office's review according to the law, yesterday Chan Cho Ming's arrest for harboring others' drug use was approved. The Public Security organizations continued to investigate. Reportedly, Cho Ming after his detention could only rely on his lawyers to communicate with his parents Jackie Chan and Joan Lin. They were still unable to visit him yet.

According to the information Fong Cho Ming provided the police, he has used drugs for 8 years, the first time was in Holland. A Beijing lawyer analysis said that even though Fong Cho Ming's admittance of guilt was good, it would not be enough for a light sentence.

Because Fong Cho Ming did not confess and his drug use was prolonged with many group drug use. With good admittance of guilt attitude and performance that led to arrests, his sentence might be reduced. However only with an enormous performance would his sentence be lighter.

The already released Ko Chen-Tung originally was enrolled in the Taiwan Cultural University sports department. Due to his film success he halted his education. Since the drug case, his manager gave him two choices: either the military or school. Yesterday he reportedly has already completed school registration and returned to school.

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