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Full of positive energy, Cherie Chung is never cheap with "love", feeling that being grateful would bring happiness.
Nature full of life is beauty in the eyes of Cherie Chung
The skyscrappers can best represent Hong Kong

Cherie Chung enjoys the simple life
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Hung Goo is the goddess of many.  Although age and time are both parts of nature's order, state of mind can be self controlled.  Thus her easy and natural beauty has more depth than youth.
Hung Goo feels love requires interaction, but she has never planned to find a "partner" because she has always saved a seat for "him".
Hung Goo compares life to flowers, blooming and wilting are parts of the order 
Hung Goo calls her cat Fatboy her lover.  With its fat limps it has been mistaken for a dog
Hung Goo and her late husband love each other until the final moment.  This love can never be replaced.
Hung Goo after marrying Chu Ka Ting has been all over the world and has many happy memories
Cherie Chung likes to use her eyes through the camera lens to save images. She uses photos to express her love for Hong Kong.
Hung Goo calls her buddy Chow Yun Fat a higher class photographer and does not dare to discuss photography with him.
Cherie Chung jumps into show business through the Miss Hong Kong pageant.  Although she came in fourth, her accomplishments have been outstanding.
Cherie Chung chose to wed in 1991 at the peak of her career and stopped making movies.  Her film ONCE A THIEF with Chow Yun Fat and Leslie Cheung is frequently savored by many.
Cherie Chung worked with Leslie Cheung numerous times, with a sexy performance in FATAL LOVE
For charity Cherie Chung carries heavy equipment to shoot photos from a helicopter
Cherie Chung picks up the camera again and spent three months to complete the charity mission.  To her overcoming difficulties is truly satisfying.
One of Hung Goo's work is an overhead view of the High Isalnd Reservoir from the helicopter
Night scene under the Lion Rock is our home Hong Kong
Hong Kong has many overpasses, their bottom side actually makes some beautiful graphics
Hung Goo says shooting people's expressions is the hardest, this time she has to capture smiles with humanity and is quite a challenge for her
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Age for a female artist would not be a secret. A search on the internet shows everything. This group of numbers have already become additions to the front of female artist names. Thus the 54 year old Cherie Chung Chung Hung should be proud. No matter which number she lives to, how many wrinkles have been added to her face, as soon as her state of mind is at a "frozen age", she still is the mesmerizing Chung Chor Hung! She says, "Life is like flowers, it is not only beautiful at full bloom. Life is short so you have to enjoy every moment, then your life has value."

Although Chung Chor Hung in 1991 after making ONCE A THIEF and ZODIAC KILLER did not make another film again, for over 23 years almost every time she appears everyone would tirelessly ask, "Hung Goo, when will you return to make a movie? Is Fat Gor (Chow Yun Fat) making arrangements for your comeback?" Her answer every time is shaking her head. Why no script has been able to move her for so many years? Hung Goo says, "Actually I have never said 'retirement', so I don't know how to say I want to make a 'comeback'. I feel whether I make a movie or not I don't have to answer to anyone. I also don't have to put a period at the end of it."

Does she still have an acting bug? Hung Goo says, "How can I not. Although I have only made 11 years of film, film has brought me a lot. I still love film very passionately, but I don't have to perform myself to enjoy acting. I still like to go to the movies, because only this way can I focus on appreciating. When I watch a good movie I would discuss it with friends and even recommend it to more friends. However I probably won't be making another movie."

She came in fourth at the 1979 Miss Hong Kong pageant. In 1980 she worked with Damien Lau Chung Yan on her first film THE ENIGMATIC CASE, by 1991 she has made 50 films. Thus even if Hung Goo has not made a film for 23 years, her performance would be played over and over on the screen. No one would be a stranger to her work. The most memorable naturally was her 1987 classic with Chow Yun Fat, AN AUTUMN'S TALE and her film with good co-stars Fat Gor and Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing ONCE A THIEF. She did not because of AN AUTUMN'S TALE classified herself as a romantic drama lead actress, she kept trying different characters. For example in 1988 she worked with Cheung Kwok Wing on FATAL LOVE, MISTER MISTRESS and in 199 STARS AND ROSES. However she felt that her acting had too many shortcomings, thus she would not say that she had a representative work. She would only say that some characters were her favorites, like AN AUTUMN'S TALE's Sap Sam Mui, as well as the blind Amy in BANANA COP and the dare to love and hate character in WOMEN.

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