Friday, September 26, 2014


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Chapman To Man Chak and DaDa Chan Jing earlier appeared on Cable's Film Montage and promoted their new film FLIRTING IN THE AIR (TONG BAK FUCHUNG SEUNG WON SIU). This time they played time traveling costume people. To Man Chak will play a pilot who accidentally returned to ancient times and became Tong Bak Fu. DaDa played "Sister Pomegranate", a role that Yuen King Tan played in FLIRTING SCHOLAR. When DaDa said this film, she happened to stay in the same hotel as Yuen King Tan. Unfortunately they did not meet each other. She admitted that she really wanted to see her. She liked this character and was very happy to be able to play new version "Sister Pomegranate".

DaDa also said that she was still learning about acting and hoped to continue to accumulate experience. Was To Man Chak worried about the audience comparing his Tong Bak Fu with Stephen Chow Sing Chi's? He said that when different actors played the same character, the audience would definitely compare and someone would certainly be better than him. He pointed out that he probably could not possibly be better than Chow Sing Chi.

DaDa earlier rested for awhile before returning to film. Ah Jat said that while she was resting she did not have as much stress. Earlier when DaDa said that she would retire from show business, Ah Jat admitted that he looked all over for her. He urged her to return, but at the time she continued to "dive". At the time he thought let it go, but after awhile, she came back. DaDa pointed out that during that period she needed rest the most and had to digest what happened. When she acted she hoped to be able to play every character well and not to have any baggage. If she did not perform well, she would rather not play the character.

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