Tuesday, September 16, 2014


courtesy of on.cc
courtesy of singtao.com
Ella Koon points to the right side of her face and says, "Now the right side can't move!"
Ella Koon has Bell's Palsy
Ella Koon demonstrates that the left side of her face reacts fine, but the right side cannot even blink
Fiona Sit admits that she has a lot of health problems
Ella Koon suspects that she succumbed to Bell's Palsy when she had a fever earlier
courtesy of mingpao.com

After Raymond Wong Ho Yin had to be hospitalized for Behcet's syndrome, the 35 year old Ella Koon Yun Na yesterday attended a fashion event with the right side of her face swollen and her mouth leaning toward the left. She actually had Bell's Palsy, which caused temporary facial paralysis. The doctor said that her 7th nerve had problems and believed that it was triggered from when she had the flu. Now she could not blink, half her face was numb. She admitted that she was worried about her condition, ultimately artists relied on their faces. However she remained optimistic. In order to rest more she turned down over six figures of salary worth of work.

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