Saturday, September 6, 2014


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The Barbara Wong Chun Chun directed film GIRLS performed decently at the box office. Its Hong Kong box office has already broken HK$ 10 million. Two nights ago Wong Chun Chun and lead actor Shawn Yue Man Lok went to an audience appreciation event in Causeway Bay. Would Wong Chun Chun make a sequel? She admitted that she would like to and wanted Ah Lok to participate again. However next time Ah Lok would carry the whole show alone, unlike this time as one of the six leads. However Wong Chun Chun said that Ah Lok's salary was not cheap. Ah Lok immediately clarified that he was quite a value at only 2/19 of Louis Koo Tin Lok's salary.

Ah Lok admitted that now he valued quality over quantity with his roles. Was he worried that he would become the box office poison? He said that he has already been that long ago. "Like Chow Yun Fat says, before anyone can carry a film they definitely have been one." Ah Lok explained that he was picky with his roles because he wanted to focus on the production, since he was no longer young.

In addition, GIRLS will compete with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's BUT ALWAYS. Ah Lok said that he was not worried about the box office because GIRLS has already reached the end of its run.

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