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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Philip Ng Won Lung, Michelle Hu Yan, Bella Law Chi Kiu yesterday promoted their film SIFU VS. VAMPIRES in Mongkok. Cheng Chung Kei in the film played a Wise Guy who later went to catch vampires. "Jing Girl" Hu Yan also flew from above to kiss him. Since not everyone could see her he had to perform a solo bed scene, which was very awkward for him. Did he perform less intimate scenes after becoming a father? Cheng Chung Kei said that he did not perform many intimate scenes before.

Soon to be a father the second time, Cheng Chung Kei admitted that he was not as nervous as before because it would be the second child. However the entire family was very family, excited and looking forward to it; he also revealed that his wife's expectant date would be February. Now they already know the sex of the child and the entire family is very happy.

Cheng Chung Kei continued that he will work with Tin Kai Ming on a film company. After the child is born the new film DRUNKEN MASTER KENNEDY will start production and star Chapman To Man Chak. He will direct and star. Frog will produce. For now he does not know how much the investment will be and the lead actress is still being considered. Speaking of Occupy Central, he felt that democracy and freedom are necessary, but freedom also needs self discipline.

Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu played the villain and became a vampire in the film. He revealed that he and Law Chi Kiu had an intimate scene. She bit him all over and the scene was pretty hardcore. Unfortunately in the end it was cut. Was he excited while working on that scene? He said that he was. Was he all stiff? He joked, "Yes, because I turned into a vampire I have to be in character." He stated that he had a reaction during the shoot, but before hand the make up took two hours. With the very long fingernails, going to the bathroom was less than convenient.

Law Chi Kiu said that the intimate scene with Kwan Chor Yiu was not awkward as she trusted the director. Speaking of Kwan Chor Yiu's biological reaction claim, she said that she felt everyone's heart to heart warmth. In addition, Ng Won Lung earlier was caught with his arm around rumored girlfriend Linda Chung Ka Yun's shoulder. He said that at the time he was only patting Ka Yun on the back because she was choking. Ng Won Lung said that he has always wanted to maintain his privacy and said that he paid attention to Ka Yun's new series performance. Did he feel that Ka Yun had a chance to win an award? Ng Won Lun said that it would wait for God's arrangement.

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