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Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTER wins Best Picture and also brings Zhang Ziyi another Best Actress award
Friends Vicki Zhao and Huang Xiaoming both win awards
Zhang Ziyi appears to be in good spirits even in the rain
Huang Xiaoming holds an umbrella for his good friend Vicki Zhao
THE GRANDMASTER wins the Hundred Flower Best Picture
The Vicki Zhao directed SO YOUNG wins Best Director amid controversy
Zhang Ziyi says that she will always support Wong Kar Wai
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The 23rd Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival closing ceremony and the 32nd Hundred Flower Award took place in Lanzhou last night. Zhang Ziyi again with THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) defeated Tang Wei to win Best Actress, her 11th for the role. Huang Xiaoming also with AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA defeated Jackie Chan to win Best Actor. Vicki Zhao Wei with SO YOUNG defeated Wong Kar Wai to win Best Director, but Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTERS won Best Picture.

Last night the Hundred Flower Award selected 101 viewers who voted for each award. However the result was expected. Zhang Ziyi continued to be incredible as she won her 11th actress award with THE GRANDMASTERS again. She won her second Hundred Flower Best Actress after THE ROAD HOME in 2000. THE GRANDMASTERS also won Best Picture. When Zhang Ziyi accepted the Best Actress award she seemed to be upset for Wong Kar Wai, who did not win Best Director. "The award is a bonus, but your work will endure for generations."

Some viewers realized that when she accepted the award, the event played Wang Feng's RAGING LIFE. Some viewers also caught Zhang Ziyi and Zhao Wei, who were rumored to be at odds, had zero exchange. When Zhao Wei won Zhang Ziyi did not applaud. Best Actor Huang Xiaoming last year also won the Golden Rooster Best Actor with AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA. He said, "I am pretty old fashioned. When I have a dream, I would keep working hard (to achieve it). I am not a natural born good actor, but I believe through my hard work I definitely will become a good actor." When Huang Xiaoming performed PASSIONATE DESERT he even grabbed Zhao Wei for a dance. Later when they were interviewed backstage, reporters asked if Xiaoming was worried that girlfriend Angelababy would be jealous? He immediately smiled and said that he had to call her with the good news and advanced warning.

Zhao Wei's directing debut SO YOUNG defeated two great master class directors Wong Kar Wai and Peter Chan Ho Sun to win Best Director. Before coming to the stage she first shook Wong Kar Wai's hand. Wong Kar Wai congratulated her with a smile. She said, "I am very surprised. Wong Kar Wai and Chan Ho Sun are both directors I respect very much. The Hundred Flower award has always liked me, I also thank all the viewers who also liked me so much." She not only congratulated former classmate Huang Xiaoming on his award but also made fun of him. "Now he is a god, he used to be so old fashioned." Zhao Wei won the Hundred Flower Best Actress in 2010 with MULAN. Last year at the Golden Rooster Award she won Best Director Debut award.

Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress went to AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA's Tong Dawei and SILENT WITNESS' Deng Jiajia. Tong Dawei after accepting the award called his wife with the good news on the stage. Deng Jiajia after her speech was so emotional that she also tripped backstage.

Last night's closing ceremony red carpet ran into a thunderstorm. Zhang Ziyi, Wong Kar Wai, Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Max Zhang Jin, Guo Shu-Yao, Tong Dawei and others had to brave the rain to walk the red carpet. However when Xiaoming and Zhao Wei appeared together, Xiaoming held an umbrella like a gentleman and attentively protected Zhao Wei. They were well matched and described as just as romantic as an idol series' leads. Some even praised that they should be together, but in real life they both had significant others.

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