Friday, September 12, 2014


Barbie Liu
Linah Matsuoka stretches
Rainky Wai looks forward to meeting Sing Yeh
The instructor teaches the "mermaids"
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Lately Stephen Chow Sing Chi could not be bothered with all the gossip as he continued to bury himself in work. His new film MERMAID has chosen its final 13 actors in its casting. 13 new actresses from China, Hong Kong and other locations were training in Shenzhen for the finals in two days. Sing Yeh kept traversing between China and Hong Kong to meet with the actresses and get an understanding of the training. The film has already confirmed its Shenzhen location and will start production within the month. Sing Yeh two nights ago was asked which between Mainland and Hong Kong candidates were better. He lightly said, "They all hold their own!" He also praised the ladies for OK overall quality!

The 13 "Sing Girls to be" yesterday continued to train in the water, dancing and acting. Speaking of Sing Yeh's recent negative news, the girls did not mind and even said that they would support him. Some actresses have been called to meet Sing Yeh in advance. Japanese model Linah Matsuoka who has already met Sing Yeh praised him as a genius. "I am very happy to see him, I hope to learn his charm. (How did you prepare?) I was asked to be without make up. I was OK. I wanted to show the realest me." The 19 year old Beijing girl Sun Jialing also has met with Sing Yeh. She even kissed up to Sing Yeh. "I really worship him! My emotions are so complicated."

Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu), Rainky Wai Yu Yui and Kabby Hui Nga Ting looked forward to meeting Sing Yeh. Barbie joked, "I really want to see Sing Yeh day and night! (What would make you stand out?) I would use my alternative quick wit to attract him!" Rainky said that she has already prepared to practice Tai Chi and dance to attract Sing Yeh. As for his recent troubles, she said, "I believe that every elder want to teach their juniors. As the saying goes a strict teacher yields high disciples, I would listen the opinions that elders give!"

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