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Andy Lau stays in Vladivostok to work on LO WAI BING
Sammo Hung does not get together with Andy Lau too often but has met his daughter several times
Andy Lau performs his own stunt
A Russian fan recognizes Andy Lau and asks for an autograph
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The Sammo Hung Kam Bo (Big Brother Big) directed and starred LO WAI BING (OLD GUARD) invited many friends to guest star, one of them was Andy Lau Tak Wa. Wa Jai earlier arrived in Vladivostok, Russia to prepare for the production. After having known each other for years, other than work they also caught up. Big Brother Big even praised Wa Jai's daughter for her good memory. Speaking of the popularity of the Mainland variety program WHERE ARE YOU GOING DADDY, Wa Jai joked that he did not know if his old man would be willing to work on it with him. However he would not permit his daughter to appear on camera as he hoped that she would live a normal life.

Wa Jai will work in Vladivostok for two days. This time he will play a gambling addict with a daughter. Wa Jai pointed out that his character was a villain who caused his wife and daughter to leave. Two days ago Wa Jai worked on the streets of Vladivostok. In the story after stealing a diamond he jumped from the second story to the top of a car to escape. He said, the building jump scene was completed long ago. Yesterday they worked on additional shots on top of the car. Director Hung Kam Bo personally directed the action and was very emotional. During the shoot, a female Russian fan asked for a photo with Wa Jai. Wa Jai did not turn anyone away.

How many years ago did they work together? Hung Kam Bo pointed out that it has been six or seven years. Yet earlier they worked together on DETECTIVE DEE (DIK YUN KIT). If it was a film that he directed, it would have been TWINKLE TWINKLE LUCKY STARS over 20 years ago. Did they get together privately? Hung Kam So said that rarely, as Wa Jai privately did not have time and he was busy having fun. He said, "The Hong Kong film industry is like this, aside from being together on the set we rarely are together in our personal lives." Was it hard for him to find Wa Jai for the film? He joked that it was not, as long as they worked out the schedule they were fine.

In the film Wa Jai also had some stunts. Was he able to handle them? Hung Kam Bo said that he had no problem. The stunts now are different from before. In the past they might take a very long time to make in order to display the actor's physical abilities and skills. Now it is about atmosphere and pace. However they still had highly difficult stunts.

Wa Jai said that this film would not be like TWINKLE and would have solid action. He will stay in Russia for two days; he also said that he came to Russian in the 90s with Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam to work on a music special in Moscow. Now he rarely made music specials. Wa Jai joked, "There is no place to air them. Now music specials may have already become GRANDPAS OVER FLOWERS that bring people to places. All the programs have become food programs."

Was Wa Jai interested in making the variety program WHERE ARE YOU GOING DADDY? He mischievously said, " I am not ready. I have to ask if my Pa is willing! Hahaha! I don't know if my Pa would be willing to babysit me?" Would he prohibit his daughter from appearing on camera? He said, "Of course! Let her live a normal life." Hung Kam Bo said that he has seen Wa Jai's daughter. He said, "His daughter is always missing me, she has a great memory. She only saw me several times and already she kept on calling me Big Brother Big. Her memory is great."

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