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Feng Shaofeng admits that his first drama is a challenge to him
Tang Wei plays Xiao Hong in THE GOLDEN ERA
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The Ann Hui On Wa directed, Tang Wei and Feng Shaofeng starred film THE GOLDEN ERA would represent Hong Kong in a bid for the Oscar Best Foreign Film nomination. Hui On Wa recently has been busy promoting the film with the leads. Feng Shaofeng earlier spoke with the Hong Kong media. Speaking of working with Tang Wei, he praised that she knew how to respect and understand her co-stars. Her performance made him fall deeply in love with her.

Tang Wei in the film played the Republic legendary female writer Xiao Hong, the story was based on her life and romantic experience. Feng Shaofeng played a couple with Tang Wei. Before the shoot the director gave him a lot of books for research, making it the film that he did the most homework for in history. Yet because of the character the story requirements, he must understand the history very well. Feng Shaofeng also was happy that the shoot was difficult. If the character was similar to him it would not be fun. He said that in the past he played in commercial films more, working with Hui On Wa this time was an enormous challenge. His character Xiao Jun was also very close to the modern times. How to play his real personality, romantic and literary views were very important. This time the character seemed to have given him a milestone.

Feng Shaofeng worked with Tang Wei for the first time. He praised Tang Wei as an actress who was very easy to get along with, respected and understood her co-stars. They got along harmoniously. Because Tang Wei was very much in character during the performance, he got into his character even more. Did he fall for Tang Wei? He admitted that he fell for her character. Their love was not like an ordinary romance. Xiao Jun's love for Xiao Hong was rough yet poetic. Xiao Jun was a chauvinist and would never hold Xiao Hong's hand. Before the shoot he also had to study how to walk.

As for working with Hui On Wa, Feng Shaofeng said that Director Hui was a director he worshiped very much. Earlier when he worked with director Daniel Lee Yan Kong on WHITE VENGEANCE he heard that working with Director Hui benefit him a lot, which made him very curious as he did not know what kind of person she was. Later they met and he realized that Director Hui was very friendly and often laughed happily.

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