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Jan Lamb jokes that due to Director Adam Wong's light diet, everyone else gets nothing good to eat
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Miriam Yeung and Jan Lamb
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Jan Lamb Hoi Fung, Gill Mohindepaul Singh (Kiu Bo Bo) and others yesterday attended the Teddy Robin Kwan produced, Adam Wong Sau Ping directed new film SHE REMEMBERS, HE FORGETS (OI DIK GUNG YUEN)'s worship ceremony. Chin Wa looked exhausted and said that was because she insisted on taking her son Torres to school before coming to work. However she had no way to pick her son up from school, she could only ask her mother. She joked, "I am very sleepy, I had to drink coffee long term. However I am very happy to see my son."

Chin Wa mentioned that last time after making LOVE IN THE BUFF (JI MING YU CHUN GIU) she got pregnant and joked that this time she did not know if she would be pregnant again after the shoot. Would she like to become a mother again? She said that let it come naturally. Because based on the last experience, the more she wanted the less productive she was. With a son already she would not have too much stress. Speaking of reports that she originally wanted her son to enroll in the kindergarten that Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun)'s son was enrolled in, but because her old flame Ronald Cheng Chung Kei's daughter was in that school she transferred her son to another kindergarten. Chin Wa looked puzzled then laughed, "Isn't that cute? It's stronger than the script, very special." She said that her son never transferred school, only that school was being renovated earlier and her son went to another branch. Now he already returned to the original school. She said that she did not know which school Cheng Chung Kei's daughter was enrolled in. Even if her son was classmates with her she would not mind, because she too hoped that her son would learn to share and get along with other children. Was she and Cheng Chung Kei "fine" already? She said, "Earlier I presented an award to him! (His wife is with a second child?) Congratulations, companionship for a child is a good thing, the growth process would be even more cheerful."

As for working with Lam Hoi Fung this time, Chin Wa praised his humor. However he would not improvise and affect his co-star. He would tell jokes at suitable times to make everyone relax. Making another film after over ten years, Lam Hoi Fung admitted that it was because he was free. He joked, "After the confirmation I adjusted very quickly, but working with Director Wong Sau Ping is tough too because the director usually has a very light diet. When I have a show or performance I always watch my diet, so this time I have nothing good to eat."

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