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Donnie Yen also designs the action in KUNG FU JUNGLE
Wang Baoqiang drives a speed boat
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The Teddy Chan Tak Sum directed film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) starred Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei,Wang Baoqiang and Bai Bing. In the film Wang Baoqiang personally drove a speed boat and began a chase with the Choi Nei led Hong Kong police in Tai O.

Wang Baoqiang said, this time this character differed from his past ones. He was not considered a bad guy, only his personal ideas, methods and psychology are a little twisted. He completely lived in the martial art wold. During the chase scene, he flew on the water on a speed boat and looked vicious.

The team spent five days to shoot in Tai O. It not only had to handle a lot of dangerous scenes but also many tourists, greatly adding the difficulty of the shoot. Chan Tak Sum said, "As soon as I got into the business, when I was a production assistant, assistant director, planner and organizer, I have worked with many action directors. I have always liked Hong Kong kung fu films myself, so I really wanted through this chance to salute all the kung fu film elders. Thus no matter how difficult, this chase scene had to be shot in Hong Kong."

Wang Baoqiang was able to personally drive the speed boat, which had him beyond excited. "It was especially fun and exciting! The only thing I wasn't used to was the salty stench at the end of the day after work." Wang Baoqiang put a lot of effort into this character and hoped to jump out of his previous comedy character image. He said, "The director felt I was so thin, was I able to play this mad character well? Every time before the shoot, I spent a lot of energy to suppress my excitement, to display my vicious side so the director would trust me." About Wang Baoqiang's performance, action designer and lead actor Yen Chi Tan agreed, "Wang Baoqiang is amazing, he fought very well. He has a kung fu background and is never afraid of difficulty. He is well worthy of praise."

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