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Chow Yun Fat is always a joy on the set because Fat Soh is always buying everyone treats.  Two days ago Fat Soh and Shawn Yue paid for the treats
Connie Man and Shawn Yue take the chance to learn from elders
Nick Cheung
Kimmy Tong and Connie Man are breathes of fresh air
The HK$ 5 million constructed mansion set 
Kimmy Tong is lifted up and slammed down, in the end her right shoulder is injured.
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God class Best Actor Chow Yun Fat and Nick Cheung Ka Fai two days ago worked on Wong Jing's new film. Ka Fai revealed that he once visited the set of THE KILLER and Fat Gor's presence made him weak at the knees! With this rare chance to work with him, Ka Fai immediately asked for a chance to work together again and play heroes with guns!

Superstar Chow Yun Fat two days ago worked with Best Actor Cheung Ka Fai in Yuen Long Clarence Film Studio to work on the Andrew Lau Wai Keung produced, Wong Jing directed Lunar New Year film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2). Also on hand were Shawn Yue Man Lok, Connie Man Hoi Ling and Mainland star Kimmy Tong Fei. Two days ago in the story Interpol officer Connie and Lok Jai escorted Ka Fai from Thailand to Fat Gor's mansion. During the shoot, Fat Soh and Lok Jai paid for desserts and burgers for the team.

Although Fat Gor and Ka Fai worked together for the first time, they were very close. Fat Gor said that rehearsing with Ka Fai was a pleasure. "I can learn from 'Seven Best Actor Cheung', borrow some of his luck." Ka Fai revealed that back then Fat Gor had him weak at his knees. "He is always joking like this. When I see him I have an out of body experience! When I just started I visited THE KILLER set with Brother Sau (Danny Lee Sau Yin). As soon as I saw Fat Gor I was weak at the knees. Working with him this time is a great opportunity. Fat Gor on and off camera takes great care of everyone." Would he want to work with Fat Gor on an action film? Ka Fai immediately said excitedly, "I do! Remake THE KILLER! Who can forget the charm of Fat Gor with guns?"

Fat Gor said that this film was more fun than the last one and revealed that he has already shot the kiss scene with Carina Lau Ka Ling in Thailand. He joked, "Fat Soh was on the set too, but we wouldn't be embarrassed. We are all professional actors." Speaking of Stephen Chow Sing Chi again being criticized for his character, Fat Gor who has worked with Sing Yeh on a TVB series said, "We have never worked on a film, but I really like his films. I feel he is very talented. I am not sure what happened between them, and I don't know how his character changed later. However during training class everyone was all laughs, he was very easy to get along with."

Lok Jai joked that thanks to Brother Jing he could not be "luckier", as he was between Connie and Tong Fei. However he did not ask Brother Jing to add intimate scenes. Connie in the film slipped on the "prank stairs" and Lok Jai grabbed and saved her. As for working with Fat Gor, she said, "Very nice and friendly, his selfie are very pretty. (This time do you have to be sexy?) No, Brother Jing wants me to try comedy." In addition, in this film Fat Gor's mansion has a primarily cyber feel and is full of traps. The mansion has a very high ceiling. Brother Jing revealed that it cost HK$ 5 million and spent a month to build.

"Jing Girl" Kimmy Tong Fei continues to play Fat Gor's daughter in this film and again challenges wire work. In the mansion with a variety of trap doors, she stepped on a trap and was sent flying a story above. Before the shoot, Tong Fei pounded her chest and breathed deeply. Yet in front of two Best Actors Fat Gor and Ka Fai she naturally could not disappoint. She was pulled up and slammed down many times and injured her right shoulder, but she just pressed it with her hand, said she was fine and continued the shoot. Was she injured? She said, "It's fine, just a little swollen."

Tong Fei revealed that she and Yue Man Lok played old flames. Out of jealousy for Connie Man Hoi Ling they fought. She praised her first time co-star Lok Jai as humorous but always took verbal jabs at her. "I am always daydreaming. He says I am still sleeping. (Are you mad?) No, he is just joking. We are both young, everyone is very close."

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