Thursday, September 18, 2014


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The film ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB will open in Hong Kong on October 23rd for Halloween. The film's director is Taiwan genius director Joe Chien and actors include Jessica C. Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Jack Kao, Philip Ng Won Lung and Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung. Action director and actor in one Ng Won Lung felt that it was a new challenge.

Fighting in the film from the beginning to the end, On Chi Kit not only had to defeat the endless zombies but also had a duel with Ng Won Lung. They have been friends for years and had chemistry long ago. Thus from lightly measuring spots to officially shooting, they only needed one take. The film had a new actor Zhang Chi. He started studying martial art at age 7, thus he felt excited about being able to take place in ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB. "I am thankful for this opportunity. Working with a group of experienced actors, I had the chance to learn. After studying martial arts for years, now I have a chance to use them. My years of effort have not gone wasted!"

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