Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Nick Cheung predicted that Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong would get back together.  Nicholas Tse jokingly calls him "more accurate than Mak Ling Ling".
courtesy of singtao.com
Nick Cheung wears black, saying that as a pure Hong Kong kid he cannot ignore the protests
courtesy of mingpao.com

Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday appeared at a watch exhibit. He revealed that he was preparing to direct again, as he planned to make another horror film. He said, "The subject would be the same as the previous one, both are about ghosts. However it will add in comedy and human elements. I want to focus on directing so I haven't decided whether I would perform."

Reportedly Ka Fai will work with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung on the film. Ka Fai said that he was still reading the script and has not confirmed production.

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