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Former Miss Hong Kong candidate Candy Yuen has to chance to rival NAKED KILLER's Chingmy Yau
Sandra Ng, Peter Chan, Candy Yuen
Dominic Ho
Jeana Ho
Barbara Wong
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Wong Jing personally produced many classic erotic hit films like NAKED KILLER and RAPED BY AN ANGEL. Lately he planned to return to the genre with a new film titled NGAP WONG (DUCK KING), which will officially start production in the middle of next month. Always willing to use new comers, half a year ago he already begun to recruit and successfully landed Candy Yuen Ka Man, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Hazel Tong Chi Yui and Mainland "soccer baby" Jolie Fan Ling. Before the film even started production it was already "hotter than hot". Candy even decided on performing in the nude on the big screen. She said, "Brother Jing said that he already noticed me five years ago and praised that I was very pretty and very sexy. He said that he was very confident with movies that depicted the female body. In addition this time I will be in many scenes. It will be quite an opportunity!" Candy at the recommendations of her former bosses Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and Peter Chan Ho Sun to compete in Miss Hong Kong and stood out. Now Kwan Yu is busy with her Year of the Sheep Lunar New Year film GOLDEN DUCK (GUM NGAP, tentative title), she accused braved the accusation of betraying her. Conceivably Brother Jing's sincerity moved her.

The lead actor will be the 25 year old Dominic Ho Ho Man. He was very confident in Brother Jing and was willing to perform all nude for the first time. They have already signed a contract to confirm. Brother Jing even stated that it will push her career to new heights. In the film his character could rival Simon Yam Tat Wa's in GIGOLO AND WHORE (GAI NGAP LUEN) as he planned to make him into a generation of god. In the past the beauty that Brother Jing has supported were all called "Jing Girls". He suddenly wanted to call Ho Ho Man "Jing Hunk", which made the entire venue crack up.

Reportedly Brother Jing will find a suitable location for the production start ceremony next month. The actresses will appear in bikinis. Although he had to be kept how daring the bed scenes would be confidential, but Brother Jing boasted that this time the story would be even more attractive than the sex. Because he will have to handle a series of "battles", Ho Ho Man lately has been working out to achieve his goal soon.

Ho Pui Yu in the film will have a chance to act. Giving up her past sexy image, her goal would be to imitate a female director to perform a tragic love story. Jeana's subject would be Barbara Wong Chun Chun. She and Ho Ho Man will have a bathroom sex scene.

Jeana said that the character awaited the company's announcement, but she was very grateful that this performance would be the chance to showcase her ability. "I don't have to show off my figure, it would be a pure acting challenge. This time I play a female director, my costumes don't have to be sexy. Lately I read the script and it was very touching. Because I am a (Leslie) Cheung Kwok Wing fan, I watched many of Gor Gor's past films like HE IS A WOMAN SHE IS A MAN and romantic tragedy like MOONLIGHT EXPRESS. I hope to be able to get an inspiration for the performance from them."

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