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Andy Lau jokes that he rarely talks with Deanie Ip on the set and their relationship is not all that great.
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa distributed inspirational film MY VOICE MY LIFE (JUNG HEI) yesterday held a press conference in Causeway Bay. Aside from Wa Jai, Deanie Ip Tak Han also attended. Lately because of an online article, Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung was upset and scolded Stephen Chow Sing Chi. At the same time, many filmmakers all said that Chow Sing Chi was not a friend. Wa Jai who was close to Mr. and Mrs. Heung and worked with Chow Sing Chi on many films yesterday stated that he did not dare to call Chow Sing Chi a friend. He also aid that when they worked on films they rarely chatted.

Wa Jai said that this time he did not invest in MY VOICE MY LIFE. He was only responsible for its distribution. He hoped the film would be inspirational because when he read some news reports now he hoped that young people would have the strength to start over. He pointed out that when he was little he was like the young people now. He really wanted to work, but after coming out to work he really wanted to go back to school. He wanted a chance to study interior design.

Speaking of the trouble between Chow Sing Chi and Mrs. Heung, Wa Jai said that when they worked together they were very busy. Aside from working on the film they did not get to know each other in depth. Mrs. Heung earlier said that he said Chow Sing Chi was not a friend. Wa Jai clarified. "I never said that he wasn't my friend, I only said that Mr. Heung was, is and will be my friend and my good boss. Perhaps my ability to express myself had problems. Mrs. Heung misunderstood. Since I didn't say it myself, I have to clarify."

Earlier Chow Sing Chi reportedly asked him to make a film but despite his salary of HK$ 20 million his offer was only 1.2 million; Wa Jai said that this was also a rumor. He was approached but due to condition problems he politely turned down the offer. As for what the condition problems were, he said, "I can't say, if you want to know, ask me to make a movie and see."

Reportedly Chow Sing Chi frequently changed the script. Once they both tossed their scripts on the set. Wa Jai said, "I didn't, I can accommodate others no matter how (the script) is changed. I am very honest, I was, am and will be his fan. (Are you friends?) I really don't dare to say, I don't know." When they made films together did they rarely chat? He joked that he rarely chatted with Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam and Sister Deanie too. Was he worried that Chow would not consider him a friend? Wa Jai said, "No, I can't say that. I can't talk about that far in the future. I am not worried, not at all." As for Mrs. Heung's criticism of Chow Sing Chi, he pointed out that the matter was between them. He believed that they would be able to find a great resolution. He already said too much on the sideline. He only hoped to have less dispute and argument in the world. He also hoped that Mr. Heung would find justice; he also hoped that they will have a chance to work together in the future.

Sister Deanie has worked with Chow Sing Chi as well, but she said that she did not pay attention to the entertainment news and did not know what happened; she also said that normally she only preferred to watch foreign murder cases. As for her impression of Chow Sing Chi, she said, "This guy is very talented, very talented. (Do you have any personal contact?) No." Will they have a chance to work together again? Sister Deanie said, "Let's have the chance first."

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