Wednesday, September 24, 2014


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Stephy Tang hopes to have a baby by age 35.
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Stephy Tang Lai Yun yesterday attended her film LAN TIN BAK WAN (BLUE SKY WHITE CLOUD)'s production start worship ceremony. Stephy revealed that this time the genre differed from before. She no longer played the pristine girl, her character was more solemn. She played a pregnant female cop. She did not have any action scene, but she joked that when she attended the costume fitting earlier she discovered that the fake belly was very realistic. (When would you have one?) This position would definitely be in life, hopefully before age 35. I don't want to be at an advanced maternal age. (Do you and boyfriend Alex Fong Lik Sun have an understanding?) Tell him to read the newspaper himself. (Are you afraid of waiting too long and he would not be capable?) Jinx!"

Stephy earlier posted a photo of her forehead burn from a hair curler. Yesterday she pointed at the wound and laughed, "It's still fresh, it's already the second time. I feel I am very stupid. I was in a hurry and had an accident. The wound was pretty deep, I am afraid of leaving a scar. (Did your boyfriend kiss it to make it all better?) No, he said I was very dumb."

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