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Rose Chan has no idea how to play a slut
Rose Chan says playing pregnant is harder than fight scenes
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The 21 year old Rose Chan Ka Wun has been working hard on different types of films to challenge herself. In her new film GOLDEN BROTHER (NAM YUN NG HOR YI KUNG), she played a London Gold Exchange agent who worked hard to take care of her family. She even seduced Bosco Wong Chung Chak in one scene! Because the film was based on a popular internet novel, Rose read it several times before hand and had an understanding of every character. For her character to be even closer to the original, she wore more padding for this scene in particular and "instantly" created her 5 inch career line. "Because my character was called Big Bust Yoyo, you can imagine how outstanding her figure is. When we shot this scene, actually it was rather difficult. It was harder than a fight scene, I really was a little stumped. Luckily Bosco was great and taught me how to perform. I wasn't as erotic as he was!"

Aside from Wong Chung Chak, Rose and William Chan Wai Ting also had many scenes together. They even had a romance. Rose would have Chan Wai Ting's baby. Rose said, "I paid attention to a pregnant woman's every move, but I remember in one scene I stood up after sitting in a chair. Because I moved too quickly, the director had to remind me to slow down." During the shoot, Rose was rumored to be at odds with lead actress Stephy Tang Lai Yun. Rose denied the rumor. "She and I in the end had no exchange, but off camera everyone was great. She is very direct, we absolutely are not at odds."

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