Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Mr. and Mrs. Chiang Ka Ming with (front left) Wu Fung, Nam Hung, Chor Yuen, Shek Sau
Director Chiang Kwok Ming posted a photo from the afternoon tea
courtesy of mingpao.com

Director Chor Yuen in recent years have rarely appeared in public. Earlier he was rumored to have Alzheimer's disease. His wife Nam Hung clarified that Chor Yuen only rarely went out. Earlier director Chiang Kwok Ming posted a photo on facebook from having tea with Chor Yuen and other friends. The 80 year old Chor Yuen looked very alert and even laughed at the camera like a child.

Director Chiang Kwok Ming was very excited about this gathering and joked that he was so happy he cramped up. Actually Chor Yuen was the first director who asked him to write a script. He described him as the trailblazer. Also present was Chor Yuen's wife Nam Hung, friends Wu Fung, Shek Sau. They were all superstars to him. Former TVB variety program producer Lee Yu and screen writer Ng Kam Hung were also on hand. Chiang Kwok Ming joked, "Who is cooler than me? Give it up!"

Wu Fung said that two days ago they had afternoon tea. He has not seen Chor Yuen in a while. Normally he would not attend events, he did not expect him to appear that day. Brother Sau joked that Yuen Chor now dresses like an artist and is in great spirits. He spoke with as much energy as before. Earlier Chor Yuen was rumored to have Alzheimer's disease, Brother Sau said that Chor Yuen's memory was great. They sat together and reminisced about the good old days. He not only talked about film that they worked together on but also remembered foreign film stories from several decades ago exactly as he discussed them endlessly with everyone.

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