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Barbie Liu wants to become one with the mermaid and be the winner in the end
Barbie Liu trains in a bikini and is full of self confidence
Linah Matsuoka makes a mermaid pose on a rock
The mermaid candidates put on bikinis
Stephen Chow and Wilson Chin interview the candidates
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi has been tangled in trouble lately but has not made a statement, as he is still busy with his upcoming film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU). Only 4 of the 13 selected "mermaids" will remain after the elimination round next week, thus they fought and plotted to stand out and perform. Seeing how far the Mainland candidates have gone, Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu) and Linah Matsuoka did not dare to hesitate; Ha Wai Yu performed a seductive musical routine to stand out, while Matsuoka not only showed off her figur but also studied her Putonghua hard in hopes of getting more points and into the final 4.

Chow Sing Chi actually has secretly been meeting the 13 candidates, but since they signed a confidentiality agreement they could not reveal the process of meeting Sing Yeh. The film's screen writer Chris Chan Jan Yue posted photos of the "mermaids" meeting Sing Yeh and Wilson Chin Kwok Wai on Weibo. "No matter the strong the storm is, we would only work hard on the next film -- meeting the 13 competition candidates!" Seemingly the rumors have not affected Sing Yeh.

Sing Yeh is expected to instruct only the final 4 "mermaids" on acting. Although the winner might not be the lead, the 13 candidates in order to land a role in mermaid and work with Sing Yeh put more and more effort into expressing themselves. Yesterday they wore bikinis to continue their training. 4 Hong Kong representatives Ha Wai Yu, Linah Matsuoka, Kabby Hui Nga Ting and Rainky Wai Yu Yui did not hesitate.

Beaming with self confidence, Ha Wai Yu stated that from the start she already felt that she had the potential to be a superstar. She was confident that what she learned this time would be thoroughly on display in the final. She only said herself as competition and that her appearance was more outstanding. She did not need to compete against Mainland candidates.

She said, "Earlier I even learned to swim the breast stroke, but I didn't expect the mermaid swimming focused on the hip. However the film company gave us flippers and they helped. I feel that I am already swimming more and more like a mermaid and less and less like a sea lion." Earlier her in water training was described as drowning like. She did not care and only said that she did not have the gene for the sport of diving, so she very gladly accepted the criticism.

Linah Matsuoka in order to play the mermaid put a lot of effort into Putonghua. Even at meals and rest she was busy studying. She said that she had friends who helped. Was rumored boyfriend Alex Lam Tak Shun helping? She said, "Although I have learned a lot from him, I definitely will be better than him."

Matsuoka did not notice Mrs. Heung's criticism of Sing Yeh over an online article. Was she worried that Sing Yeh would be hard to get along with? She said, "I really want to work with him, I definitely will try my best. I won't mind anything at all."

Hui Nga Ting also did not pay attention to Sing Yeh's news and was not worried about how demanding he might be. She felt that if they had the chance to work together it would be very rare, since she could learn and gain experience. As for how far the Mainland candidates have gone, she said, "Mainland girls are more competitive, they not only are willing to take risks but also have great figures. In addition every one of their figures are very uniform. I am more conservative, but I would do what the film would require. Normally I wouldn't embarrassed myself." Would she be able to accept nudity? She said, "I feel there has to be something, even Disney's mermaid has two shells!"

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