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Sammo Hung (second right) is overjoyed to get a visit from his wife Joyce Godenzi (center), son Jimmy Hung (second left) and his girlfriend, and daughter Stephanie Hung (right)
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The Sammo Hung Kam Bo directed and starred new film LO WAI BING (OLD GUARD) earlier shot in Heilongjiang. Lately it has been shooting on location in Vladivostok, Russia. Big Brother Big's family all came to visit the set. This time Big Brother Big called in many favors. Originally even his low spirited good brother Jackie Chan agreed to guest star, but in the end he was unable to make time to come. Speaking of Jaycee Chan's drug arrest, Big Brother Big admitted that he was very shocked after finding out. He still has not called Jackie Chan yet, as he believed that as a father he would not be pleased. He also hoped that everyone would give Cho Ming some space.

After a long hiatus from directing, Hung Kam Bo lately has been busy with the film LO WAI BING, which has already entered its wrap stage. Yesterday it shot in Vladivostock. This time the production even received the local government's support with road blocks and police to maintain order. Big Brother Big at work not only had workers holding umbrellas to provide shade for him, his wife Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung), daughter Stephanie Hung Hei Yu, son Jimmy Hung Tin Cheung and his girlfriend all visited the set. Go Lai Hung and Tin Cheung's girlfriend got along famously. This time the production also booked a restaurant for the team's lunch. Hung Kam Bo's family all had rice boxes with the team at the restaurant.

Hung Kam Bo said that this film had a lot of action films, with both people and cars in flight. His role already took up 95%. Was directing and starring difficult? He said, "It's not difficult, it's very difficult." He also joked that he had many bed scenes. Did he ask his wife to guest star? He joked, "You always have your minds in the gutter. My bed scenes were opening my eyes in the morning and getting out of bed, without any lead actress." Earlier because of the difficult production he succumbed to illness. He said that now is 99% recovered. Was it all thanks to his wife's soup? He said that not only him, everyone relied on his wife's soup.

This time whne Hung Kam Bo returned to direct he called in many favors, including Andy Lau Tak Wa, Karl Maka, Dean Shek Tin, Tsui Hark, Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu and the Seven Little Fortunes. Many friends also volunteered. Originally he asked Jackie Chan, but because he too was working on a film he could not arrive in time to participate. His son Tin Cheung and Eddie Peng Yu-Yen would guest star as border guards. earlier Tin Ming and his wife brought his grandson to visit the set. He joked that for now he had no role that would be suitable for his grandson. He joked, "However he would call out action, when he calls Grandpa he puts in the most effort."

Did he ask Jackie Chan about Cho Ming's drug arrest? Hung Kam Bo said that being concerned was useless. As for Jackie Chan being in low spirit, he said, "If it was me, I wouldn't be in a good mood either. Which Old Man would be in a good mood and laugh like hahahaha?" Has he called Jackie Chan? Big Brother Big said no, he was afraid he might get yelled at. He said, "Everyone knows about the current situation, if I call I wouldn't know what to say and he doesn't know how to answer. Let him calm down for awhile first, then go back to communicate and chat." Was he very shocked when he learned about Cho Ming's arrest? He said, "Of course, because every time Cho Ming would hand me a cigar!" Would he lecture Cho Ming later? He said, "He doesn't need me to lecture him! After this happened, how many people have been lecturing in front of him? Any more would be excessive! When he hears it how would he feel? Kids make mistakes, many people would say you shouldn't that, you should give him some space. He already has had enough. He should be allowed to calmly face it. There is no need to say the same thing over and over, it's not like we are singing the same song." Go Lai Hung earlier was in Heilongjiang and was even responsible for making soup for the team. She also personally cooked for Big Brother Big. This time in Russia she did not need to cook, so she had some time to walk around, enjoy coffee and shop for sea cucumber. Big Brother Big also asked someone to catch king crabs for everyone. She said that Tin Ming's son was very cute. When he visited he even sat in the director's chair, he was very smart.

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