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Eddie Peng jokes that his costume has original scent, proving that the shoot had both blood and sweat.
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The late November Hong Kong release RISE OF THE LEGEND WONG FEI HUNG ji YING HUNG YAU MUNG) earlier shot on location in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Yesterday lead actor Eddie Peng Yu-Yen and other actors like Max Zhang Jin, Jing Boran, Wang Luodan and director Roy Chow Hin Yeung returned to Wuzhen for a press conference. Wuzhen held a special RISE OF THE LEGEND exhibit, the five of them even unveiled the exhibit.

At the press conference many fight scenes were shown, Peng Yu-Yen, Zhang Jin and others all focused on them. The footage after editing had a fast pace, as the detailed martial art action oozed out tension from the screen. Peng Yu-Yen recalled the production and the pain from the training and I felt they were worth it. He said, "In the film my kung fu had punches and kicks as well as many jumping scenes. My leg power is very amazing. The Wong Fei Hung I played belonged to the prequel part. As the shoot went on I felt more and more used to it and more and more well honed, I also fought with more and more ferocity. The most important was in my production, I experienced the spirit of a martial artist." In one fight scene in the rain, he and Hung Kam Bo fought for 7 days.

Zhang Jin mainly had fight scenes so he was injured as well. He even revealed that he took the time completely because he and the director were online friends that got along well, which made the crowd laugh. Returning to the location, Peng Yu-Yen admitted that Wuzhen once was a place that made him nervous. He explained, "I have worked on many heavy fight scenes here. The shot went on longer and had very complicated emotions that I had to grasp. I once felt very nervous and very stressed. Now I no longer have that indecisive feeling. Wuzhen has witnessed my adjustment to the character of Wong Fei Hung and the study process."

Because Wong Fei Hung was born in the end of the Qing Dynasty, Wuzhen streets still had Qing Dynasty architecture and was rated as a class 5A location. The entire town was connected with the river and had a water city look. Chow Hin Yeung said, "Earlier I went to many places to scout locations, but when I came to Wuzhen it was perfect. This river is very suitable to shoot movies about art studios on a boat. The street structure also had the old Guangzhou narrow alleys. In this exhibit, aside from the cast's over 20 costumes, the street structures also had a lot of Canton narrow alley feel." This time in the exhibition hall, aside from the display of 20 costumes as well as a Wong Fei Hung 3D map and dream wall for the audience and the cast to make promises about dreams. Many costume were drenched in scent and sweat but were still worn once and again. No wonder someone jokingly said that this time a "original scented costume" exhibit.

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