Friday, September 12, 2014


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Jacquelin Chong, Pakho Chau and Annie Liu dress up for the poster shoot
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The Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) produced film S FOR SEX S FOR SECRETS (SIU JEH YAU SUM) yesterday shot its posters. Attendees included Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Pakho Chau and Jacqulin Chong Si Man.

Chong Si Man's sister Chong Si Ming were rumored to have broken up with Victor Chen Si Hong, who recently was caught with a new female companion. Chong Si Man confirmed that they were not longer in a relationship but they were still friends. Actually they have already broken up for awhile. Chong Si Man said that her sister has returned to Malaysia to very their mother, she did not appear to be any different. Earlier Si Ming had a proposal scene in the TVB series COME HOME LOVE. She said that her sister's break up did not affect her work. Chong Si Man has met Chen Si Hong but were not too familiar.

Sum Yau and Pakho in S FOR SEX S FOR SECRETS played a couple with an imbalance sex life. Sum Yau said that in the film she really wanted to have a baby so she was very serious about sex. She gave her husband too much pressure and made him lose interest, leading to marital problems. Later a third party even showed up. She continued, in the film she would work on a bed scene in tight and flimsy sleep wear. It was the first time she was so daring. However the scene would not sell sex, as it was only conceptually daring. The shoot though was very embarrassing. Sum Yau also said that she and Pakho had great chemistry. In the film Pakho and Sum Yau's sex life was off balance. In real life, Pak Hou joked that he would not reveal his own, but he was self confident about whatever he did. Lately he had to very confidently handle his concert at the end of the month. He almost had to be proud and egomaniac to be able to stand on the stage. He said that he was very relaxed when he worked on the bed scene with Sum Yau. She was professional. The most extreme were some bedroom scenes, but they came out very pretty. During the shoot, they had a cushion between them.

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