Sunday, September 14, 2014


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Vivian Chow reveals that her husband Joe Ngai is a lot of fun
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Vivian Chow Wai Man yesterday along with the film CAFE. WAITING. LOVE. leads Bruce, Vivian Sung Yu-Hua and Marcus Chang attended an audience appreciation event and surprised viewers. They announced that the film after 4 weeks in release in Hong Kong has already reached 20 million. Its Taiwan box office even reached NT$ 50 million. When they appeared they were welcomed with enthusiastic applause. Bruce even reprised a hot dog magic trick from the film. Vivian said that she felt very happy to have such an ideal box office performance. Because her role was very minor, it was like a magical journey. Only each time when she went to different places to promote she did not have time to stay and dine with other actors. Thus this time she already agreed to have dinner with them.

Did her acting bug act up from the production? She said, "This isn't my regular job, I will leave it up to fate in the future. This performance was run into but could not be asked for." She continued to say that her husband Joe Ngai Chun has watched it twice, but he did not give her any special review. He only said that the entire film was a pleasant surprise. Would her husband cheer her up with magic normally? She joked, "He is always playing pranks on me, but since this is personal I won't talk about it. He may look like scholarly but he actually is very mischievous. I look very nice but I am mischievous as well, haha." Bruce promised if the Hong Kong box office reached 30 million he would bungee jump in a bikini in Macau.

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