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The Ann Hui On Wa directed, Tang Wei, Feng Shaofeng starred THE GOLDEN ERA was the Venice Film Festival closing film. The director led the team on the red carpet. The newlywed Tang Wei has been repeatedly rumored to be pregnant, but she did not appear pregnant in Venice.

Tang Wei quoted her character in the interview, "I believe now is certainly my golden era. I have ample finance and money, in particular my parents are in good health. I can work and live without care, complete my wishes and dreams, and help even more people around me."

She said, THE GOLDEN ERA was a story about the Republic era female writer Xiao Hong. Xiao Hong was an actual person, many details of her life has been recorded. This was also why she was hard to play, because "no matter how she could not become the real Hong Xiao".

Tang Wei said that she longed for the freedom in the film's era. People now can express their own ideas online. With the influence of the internet everyone could easily follow trends and lose their own freedom to choose. Thus from this angle, that era was more free.

She continued, she brought back the experience from the character to life and contributed her life experience to the character. Through this process she grew, this process to an actor was even more important than acting.

Two nights ago before the closing ceremony, the event arranged for many media interviews for the cast. Yet in an joint interview with a Taiwan and an Italian reporter, Tang Wei postponed it for 40 minutes for hair and makeup. After Tang Wei and Feng Shaofeng appeared, halfway through the originally scheduled 30 minute interview, a Chinese worker suddenly appeared, said that the time was up and even attempted to remove the actors. Tang Wei felt helplessly and immediately apologized to the reporters. "I am sorry, I took up too much time in the beginning."

The Taiwan reporter spoke with the film festival's Italian public relations. The PR spoke with someone from the film company, feeling that the media waited for hours, but the interview was suddenly and disrespectfully interrupted without any warning. Both sides argued for a long time and the film worker finally said, "Then after the end of the closing ceremony can we get you back 15 minutes?" The Italian PR angrily said that no one wanted to continue the interviewed and at the same time would not arranged for other interviews for THE GOLDEN ERA.

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