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Donnie Yen has put in quite an effort with both acting and action design
Charlie Yeung, Deep Ng
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The Teddy Chan Tak Sum directed martial art 3D film KUNG FU JUNGLE (YUT GOR YUN DIK MO LUM) starred Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Wang Baoqiang and Bai Bing. After the classic IP MAN scene was 1 against 10, Chi Tan this time in the film fought 1 against 17. In the story a series of mysterious murders took place in Hong Kong. Chief Inspector of Police Lok Won Sum is out of ideas. Prisoner Ha Hau Mo volunteers to assist the police in capturing the culprit.

Charlie said that when the film started, Chi Tan by chance saw the news on television in prison and learned about the recent series of murders. He immediately demanded to see her but was denied. He then started with a prisoner he never got along with and ended up in a 1 against 17 fight. For this fight, Chi Tan performed personally and even directed the action. He said that before the shoot he already discussed the action designs with director Chan Tak Sum. In the end they decided that he would direct three to four action scenes in the entire film. The other fight scenes would be left to the Stuntmen Association's Stephen Tung Wai, Yuen Bun and Yim Wa.

Chi Tan said, "I took a very actual fight approach, very demanding on martial art theories. When you do this, I do that, whether it is reasonable, can it be blocked, can it be dodged, every punch and every kick can been seen very clearly and everything makes sense. So after watching these few scenes, you would see that they have a lot of Yen Chi Tan's style."

Charlie said that her relationship with Chi Tan was very intricate. They seemed to distrust each other and would not call each other friends. Yet because his martial art training formulas may help her resolve the case, they reluctantly worked together. Their relationship was using each other. In the end they investigated and captured the culprit together.

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