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Ko Chen-Tung's drug test returns negative result
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Ko Chen-Tung after being detained for 14 days in Beijing for drugs has already been released and returned to Taiwan. Earlier he answered a Taipei Prosecutor's Office summons and provided urine and hair samples for testing. According to Taiwan media, Ko Chen-Tung's urine test results came back yesterday and he did not test positive for any drug.

According to prosecution, the hair sample test could go back half a year. It will be the key to whether Ko Chen-Tung was using drugs long term. The test results will be returned next week at the soonest. The prosecution may again call Ko Chen-Tung to court. If confirmed that Ko Chen-Tung has used marijuana, the prosecution can send him to a rehab center to observe his rehab. The longest effect observation period of rehab will be 2 months, or he may be charged for his own therapy for a year. Reportedly Ko Chen-Tung's representative lawyer has asked the prosecutor his willingness to pay for drug addiction treatment at the Cathay General Hospital, but the prosecutor has not replied. A decision will be made depending on the report.

Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) meanwhile remained under Beijing Public Security criminal detention. He will have to spend the Mid Autumn Festival this year at the detention center.

The Mainland media reported that the soonest Fong Cho Ming will be charged will be after Mid Autumn Festival or before National Day. Fong Cho Ming is under criminal detention because he provided a location for the drug use. In general a criminal detention period would be 14 days, the latest 37 days before a charge was issued.

Mainland criminal prosecution process mainly was Public Security makes a case and investigates, after the investigation ends the evidence is handed to the prosecution. The prosecution will approve the arrest and after review will prosecute. After the extended period of criminal detention of 37 days, the investigation will file for approval of arrest to the prosecution. If approved an arrest will be made, otherwise the suspect will be released or stronger measures will be taken.

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