Tuesday, September 23, 2014


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courtesy of mingpao.com

Rose Chan Ka Wun yesterday spoke with DBC digital radio program to promote GOLDEN BROTHER. She said that with the high real estate prices, the post 90 generation had a hard time becoming homeowners. She has worked for several years and still was unable to buy a home! She never thought about a mansion, saying that it lacked public transportation and had traffic jams. She disagreed that men had to be rich and property owners, feeling that a man should not be judged by his surface. If it was all about money it was just gold digging. She claimed to be an ordinary girl, instead she would see how long her boyfriend's friendships have endured. For example with friendships of over 10 years he would be loyal and worth loving. As for property, she said, "When dating, the boyfriend without no property wouldn't be a problem; but after marriage and starting a family, a child would require a home."

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