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* (2014/09/18) The 52 year old beauty Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam early in the month was reported of finding a small tumor in her brain in 1994. Although her life was not in danger she stopped being stubborn; the report also claimed that she needed an appointment every half a year. Her Taiwan wealthy businessman boyfriend Chen Tai Ming at the end of last month even deliberately came to Hong Kong to see a doctor with her at Central. However earlier Chi Chi at an event already clarified that she only went for a dental cleaning that day. To avoid further rumors, she officially issued a statement yesterday to the media and clarified that she did not have cancer.

"To the readers and viewers, my statement about a recent Hong Kong magazine Oriental Sunday and some online media libelous reports about me having cancer is as below.

I recently discover that some online media and individual post or broadcast of libelous articles and reports of me having cancer, including an article that was titled, "Kwan Chi Lam has cancer, another beauty has fallen!! Illness Absolutely Is Not A Certain Person's Privilege'.

I am issuing this statement to say that the libelous articles are fictional, untrue and information made with negative intentions. My health condition is great, I do not have cancer. That libelous article has already unnecessarily affected my and my family's lives. I hope that the media and individuals can respect my legal rights and immediately ceased posting and broadcasting and at the same time erasing or remove the information, as well as ending the use of the information for any commercial purposes to prevent the information to continue to harm myself and my family.

I now reserve all legal responsibilities and rights to pursue the related media or individuals. Thank you everyone for your enduring concern. Best Wishes!

Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam
September 17 2014"

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