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Kelly Chen does not ask her brother about his personal life
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kao attend the celebration, as stars want to bring attention to Alzheimer's disease
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"Brothers of Different Father and Mother" Nick Cheung and Jacky Cheung even study their family tree to see if they are related.
Nick Cheung, Wu Fung, Kelly Chen, Jacky Cheung and Eric Tsang celebrate the Charles Kao Foundation's 4th anniversary 
Kelly Chen says that her husband Alex is very cute and passionate when he is drunk.  He even impersonates Jacky Cheung, George Lam and Alan Tam.
Kelly Chen gets kisses from her sons for her birthday
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"The Father of Fiber Optics" Charles Kao celebrated the 4th anniversary of his foundation and announced that his autobiography will release a 80th birthday commemorative edition yesterday. Guests included Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Wu Fung even cut a cake with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kao to celebrate. On the stage Chi Wai and Ka Fai traded verbal jabs. Ka Fai even revealed Brother Sau's romantic history with past co-stars Ng Kwan Lai and Kong Suet.

To celebrate Charles Kao's 80th birthday, the special commemorative edition of his autobiography would cost HK$ 38,000. 100 copies will be used for charity purposes. Charles Kao yesterday made an appeared and was in good spirits, but the event reminded the media not to use flash photography. Hok Yau was responsible for contacting the guests this time. Everyone even shared Alzheimer's disease information. Hok Yau jokingly asked Chi Wai to talk first because he had more personal experience. Ka Fai said that this disease would appear whether you were age 60 or 80. Although he has not reached the age, he had that feeling. Chi Wai chimed in, "Talk when you get there!" Ka Fai immediately told Chi Wai to get examined first, because Chi Wai often was all talk. Chi Wai also praised the host for her great Chinese and English abilities and recommended for her to go to TVB, because TVB fired a lot of people. In addition they mostly did not know English. Anyone who knew English all went to the English channel. The crowd cracked up.

Ka Fai again shared the stage with his "brother of different father and mother" Hok Yau, but Ka Fai said that they often talked on the phone. They would talk about anything and everything. Hok Yau admitted that he too questioned why someone would look so much like him. Later after they met they studied the family tree. Perhaps several hundred years ago they were related, thus he never objected to the "different father and mother" talk. At 82 Brother Sau was still very sharp. He admitted that he remembers what he should and forgets what he should not, for example he would forget about past relationships. Ka Fai humorously asked, "Lately have you see Ng Kwan Lai? How is Kong Suet?" Brother Sau honestly said, "One passed, one is in Toronto."

Stephen Chow Sing Chi's character lately has been in question. Hok Yau has worked with Sing Yeh before but did not pay attention to the news because he was busy with his record. When he worked with Sing Yeh, Hok Yau felt that he was not hard to get along with. When they worked together they even went out together, but after the film they no longer had contact. Has Sing Yeh yelled at him? Hok Yau said no, because at the time everyone was young and did not have that temper yet. He also said that he only heard about Sing Yeh, this business constantly had disagreements and arguments and he would not hold a grudge. As for Jimmy Heung Wa Sing's cancer, Hok Yau knew him and admitted that he was very afraid of this disease because it was just as hard to avoid as Alzheimer's and attacked unexpectedly. His father had both, so he was very worried for himself, his friends and family. He said that at his age seeing those around him happy and healthy was already a great blessing. Brother Sau who often walked for exercise was his role model.

Speaking of Veronica Yip Yuk Hing saying that she was very nervous about her 14 year old daughter, would Hok Yau be worried about his 14 year old daughter? He said, "It's not abnormal, some people start dating even earlier. It would depend on when she is dating if the relationship is open, honest and healthy. My daughter tells me that she isn't dating. (When would dating be acceptable for your daughter?) I can't say if it's acceptable or not, she is an independent individual. I could only provide guidance from the sidelines. (Hing Hing and her daughter had an agreement that if she brought her boyfriend home her room door must be open.) Being open is already great, so she is already very happy. At least she would bring him home and not mind that her family knows." As for TVB downsizing, Ka Fai admitted that it would happen in every industry, the most important was fairly sharing when it turned a profit. Then the relationship would endure.

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