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Donnie Yen has put a lot of effort into interpreting a different Kiu Fung

Donnie Yen shares the pain and joy of his years in the business
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan earlier attended a film special screening and mentioned when he first opened a film company the movie bombed at the box office. However he did not give up his dream and finally he was able to fight his way out! In the new film he performed highly difficult stunts and risked challenging his weakness, as he risked his life on a thrilling riding scene.

The Yen Chi Tan directed and starred film SAKRA (TIN LUNG BAK BO ji KIU FUNG JUEN) was released online in the Mainland during the Lunar New Year and received decent response. Some online pointed out that the film aside from the fight scenes also had very outstanding shots, as they praised Chi Tan to be a fully qualified director. Actually years ago he directed and starred in two movies, LEGEND OF THE WOLF (JIN LONG CHUEN SUEN) and BALLISTIC KISS (SAT SAT YUN TIU TIU MO), but both bombed at the box office.

Earlier when he attended a special screening in Hong Kong, he talked about this again. "In 1995 I started a film company, directed and starred in two movies but both failed. My bank account only had 100 bucks left, I didn't even have the money to eat and had to ask the producer to treat. The movie's box office failed insanely, at the time because the film had to wrap up production I even borrowed from loan sharks. However I never gave up."

Grinding his teeth, he kept going and finally reached the peak of his career of IP MAN. He never lingered on the halo of success. Instead he kept looking for breakthrough. Also because of this, he decided to make costume films and direct again. He spent a lot of effort into interpreting a different Kiu Fung. In one of the riding scenes, he in order to bring out the boldness of the character risked his life. He said, "I didn't know how to ride. Early on in my career I learned on the set, but for years I haven't made a costume film. I had to adjust anew. In one scene I took eight disciples riding in the forest. The action design was to drink and ride. Controlling the riding director and opening the wine to drink were both very difficult. With the slightly mishap I would fall to the ground. The people behind wouldn't be able to stop in time, so if I fell to the ground I would definitely be trampled to death! That's filmmaking though, a lot of risks would be taken. Luckily in the end I was able to get this scene." In addition, the film's lead actress Yukee Chen Yuqi kept promoting online recently with cute poses.

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