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Aaron Kwon is frowning during the shoot but off camera he keeps the mood light with Natalie Hsu 

Usually driving hot cars, Sing Sing seems curious about the electronic bus fare collector

Natalie Hsu gets into her character and once in the wheelchair she shows no sign of life
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Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Ann Bridgewater's daughter Natalie Hsu (Hui Yan Yi) earlier worked on their film on the streets. With his excellent acting Sing Sing was able to get into character for his bus catching scene in a second, but used to driving hot cars and rarely taking public transportation in recent years he was stumped by the electronic fare collector on the bus. Before taking his mark he studied it for awhile so he would be able to accurately play the character.

Kwok Fu Sing and Natalie Hsu (Hui Yan Yi) in their new film MY FIRST OF MAY (MO MING JI) played father and daughter. The film wrapped up production earlier. That day around 2 PM they shot on location at a Kowloon City bus station. Sing Sing's character looked down and out as he began work with a scruffy look. Due to the heavy story, he was in character and frowning throughout.

In the scene Sing Sing and the wheelchair bound Natalie tried to catch and board a bus. Serious at work, Sing Sing left no detail to chance. Before the shoot, he and the director boarded the bus and studied the two electronic fare meters in detail. Seemingly the Heavenly King was used to getting around in a private vehicle and not taken a bus in years, he inevitably was curious about the electronic device. In order to play the civilian role well, he and the director repeatedly confirmed every step.

During the shoot, Sing Sing walked quickly to catch the bus while Natalie sat in the wheelchair and looked dazed. Although Natalie was a new comer, her body language and eyes were able to meet the demands and fully delivered. After each take they immediately watched the playback, then they would evaluate and return to the shoot again. After three times or so they finished the scene and were very fast. After the shoot Sing Sing seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief. Turning from serious to warm in seconds, behind the camera he chatted and laughed with "daughter" Natalie and the crew in a friendly manner.

Later, Sing Sing and the production team moved to outside a computer store on the streets of Sham Shui Po. He changed into another look with a headband and a fanny pack, looking exactly like a neighborhood uncle. He traversed the streets for the shoot and attracted many onlookers. Although Sing Sing looked weathered, he was no less handsome as people frequently praised how handsome and cool he was in person. Sing Sing went back and forth several times like a professional and the director soon accepted the takes. At this time some of the crew called an end to the shoot. Everyone applauded. Natalie who already finished her scenes earlier appeared again to open bottles of champagne with Sing Sing and the team to celebrate the production wrap.

Sing Sing was in great spirits, thanked the on and off cameras workers and the bosses and raised a toast to wish for box office success. After the ceremony, Sing Sing without any sign of exhaustion continued to chat with the director and others. After half a hour he finally embraced the workers and bid farewell. He also took photos with Natalie and finally reluctantly boarded his vehicle and left.

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