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Simon Yam and Sylvia Chang in A LIGHT NEVER GOES OUT

Director Anastasia Tsang attends the Rotterdam International Film Festival in Holland
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The Sylvia Chang starred film A LIGHT NEVER GOES OUT (DUN FOR LAN SHAN) after being selected for the Tokyo International Film Festival, the Golden Horse Film Festival, the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, the Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival; it recently received more good news as it was selected for the Rotterdam International Film Festival Harbor program and nominated for the Hong Kong Screenwriters' Association 2022 Best Film Character Award. Playing the character at different ages, Sylvia Chang and Alma Kwok Yi Kwan were both nominated and both felt greatly honored. Sylvia Chang said, "The job of an actor is to bring the character in the screenplay to life, from one dimensional to multi-dimensional." Playing the younger version Kwok Yi Kwan also thanked the Association for the nomination. She also thanked the director and the screenwriters for creating such a touching movie, and Sister Chang for bringing the role to life. Yesterday the movie released an all new teaser to welcome today's Lantern Festival and Valentine's Day this month.

Director Anastasia Tsang Hin Ning recently appeared at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and had exchanges with filmmakers there. This was also the first time that she participated in the festival. The film festival's energy and its audience's passion moved her. "Viewers during the screening reacted with laughter and tears, which made me understand my work even more. I knew that it was able to successfully close the gaps of language and culture and moved the international audience, which undoubtedly was very encouraging." After the screening, viewers actively asked questions and shared their experience. They stayed at the cinema and discussed for a very long time. Director Tsang also tirelessly talked with everyone and discovered that everyone found Hong Kong's neon light scenery memorable. Director Tsang added, "The audience felt regret and didn't understand about the loss of the Hong Kong neon light scenery. They were very interested in the new and old street photo comparisons. One was the film prop master there, very curious a about the neon light prop production and mesmerized with the details within." The film festival also provided many exchanges and talks for filmmakers, and arranged for instructors to provide suggestions to new directors' development. Director Tsang admitted that this trip was very beneficial.

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