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Louise Wong
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Sammi Cheng declines to remove her mask all night and says that her husband Andy Hui witnesses the entire tooth chipping incident, even the cat at home is making fun of her.

Alan Luk reveals that his wife brings her luggage to support the premiere before her flight.  Hedwig Tam (right) says that the recovery from her leg injury as the new film opens is a good omen

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Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Alan Luk Chun Kwong, Hedwig Tam Sin Yin and other actors of the film LOST LOVE (LAU SHUI LOK FA) two nights ago with director Ga Sing Fung attended the charity premiere; wearing a mask all night, Sammi actually had a reason. Recovered from her leg injury and not longer needing a cane, Tam Sin Yin felt that this was a good omen. Luk Chun Kwong was also glad to see his secondary school classmates and his wife fully supporting him. Louise Wong Dan Nei even came by herself to support the film!

Sammi and Luk Chun Kwong after attending the LOST preview screening audience appreciation event appeared gain at the charity premiere screening; Sammi revealed that her husband Andy Hui Chi On liked the subject of LOVE and has already seen it once. Later he would watch it with her again. However speaking of the box office, Sammi admitted that she did not have much confidence. She stated that her recent films' box office has been "iffy". In addition this film was considered an alternative subject, thus she did not dare to have an expectation of the box office. However she had expectation for word of mouth, because this was a family film that was suitable for all ages. It was able to touch people's soul and inspire their hearts; most recently Hong Kong films have had many different styles and received the support of many. She also hoped everyone would go to the movies to support this film and give encouragement and attention to a new director's film.

Speaking of Gigi Leung Wing Kei's just completed concert series received praised on social media by "two faced" DJ Leung Man Lai but slammed on his secret account, as her concert guest performer Sammi said that she knew Gigi's personality very well. Gigi has already used her own way to respond, as an outside she was not at liberty to comment more. Has she met any "two faced people"? She paused for awhile then said that she had no comment. Speaking of wearing the mask all night, even during photo opportunities, Sammi awkwardly revealed, "The night before I had an accident with a very hard snack look, I chipped my tooth outrageously. However today I had activities very early, I couldn't go to a dentist in time. Now I am very ugly, so I have to use a cloth to hide my shame (mask). (What were you eating with such intensity?) Sigh, don't bring it up. However I really was pretty intense, when I ate it I was pretty happy. Now I am sad, as I can't use my tooth; next time I would be careful, I have to eat baby good. (At home would you also wear a mask to keep On Jai from seeing you now?) He has already witnessed everything, it really was very gross! (Did On Jai laugh?) Even the cat is laughing at me, now when I take off my mask it's even funnier. I really never thought something like this would happen!"

In addition, Luk Chun Kwong said that he was very grateful that despite having to take a flight that night, his wife still brought her luggage to the location to cheer him on. Even more unexpected was that his secondary school classmates already booked a show to support this film. Earlier requiring a cane to walk due to a leg injury, Tam Sin Yin was moving about freely. She happily said that to be able to run around and promote the movie was a good omen, but for now she could only walk and not run. She also could not exercise or work on action scene. Thus earlier she could go with the WARRRIOR WITHIN 2 team to shoot on location in Japan, which she was a little upset about.

Making the trip to show her support, Wong Dan Nei said about her new short hair look that she has never cut her hair this short. This time she changed her do for her new film's bold character. Has her husband Sheldon Lo (Law Hau Yung) said that holding her would be like holding a boy? She said, "He is very happy! He says I always give him different impressions, like constantly changing girlfriends; in addition like many Korean style short hairstyles they are able to increase her feminine charm; with the suitable character I wouldn't mind cutting it even shorter. Even if I have to get it buzz or shave it bald I would be willing!" Currently busy with her film production and audience appreciation for her film A GUILTY CONSCIENCE (DUK SIT DAI JONG) she took time to attend. She said because Sammi was very supportive of the film ANITA and a very nice person as well. Sammi has taken great care of her, thus she also has been very supportive of Sammi. She was also drawn to this film's subject, when she was that Sammi was performing almost without make up in the trailer and almost could not recognize her. She felt more tense for her and looked forward to watching the film.

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