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The Hong Kong film CYBER HEIST (DUEN MONG) would officially open on March 3rd in the Mainland. Yesterday, the film's producer Soi Cheang Pou Soi, director Wong Hing Fan, stars Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Gordon Lam Ka Tung came to City of Rams and participated in the "Guangzhou premiere" screening tour exchange. As the Mainland's first internet financial crime film, CYBER HEIST visualized internet elements like firewall and viruses and put hard to be seen online criminal behaviors like dark web money laundering and illegal transactions on display. At the same time, the film also remembered to continue the traditional Hong Kong film's classic elements like gun fights, chase scenes, car chases, close combat, explosion.

"Internet crime is very rampant, in the cases that were revealed in the Mainland in recent years the highest amount involved was 5.5 billion (RMB)." Wong Hing Fan admitted that the original intent of making this movie was to remind everyone to be careful of internet trap.

"The internet world portion had quite a sense of immersion, a feeling of entering into the virtual reality world." Many Guangzhou viewers talked about how they felt after the viewing. Earlier, some said that this film would make Mainland viewers a lot of new opinions about Hong Kong films. Aside from innovating, producer Cheang Pou Soi also continued to provide some of his golden ideas. For example, coming up with the director this concept of the "internet forest". However this creative director was rather difficult, very challenging to the imagination. Ultimately the film would be facing the general public and needed to keep in mind the viewing experience of those who did not know computers or internet life. Wong Hing Fan also praised Sing Sing and Ka Tung. They performed with nothing physical in the internet world and achieved what good actors should achieve.

In order to create an internet world with visual impact for the audience, Sing Sing lamented that the internet crimes that in the past would only be words on the screen, in this film would require a performance. This also needed a lot of extra production time and effort. Simply said, actors needed to first perform once in front of the computer then perform again after entering the internet world.

"The same scene needed to be played twice." Sing Sing revealed, like some emotions with some things in life and some emotions after entering the "internet forest", because of the special effect these emotions would need to have certain differentiations in detail. The detailed handling would needed to be more focused, which occasionally would feel rough. However Sing Sing still could not help but praise the directors' structure setting.

Sing Sing in the film had a 6 year old daughter with a heart defect. As a father of a 5 year old girl in real life, Sing Sing said that he often empathized with the character. Before the film started production when he studied the character with the producer and the director, Sing Sing talked with them about family, children and a lot of experience from life details. He also confidently said, in CYBER HEIST the audience could easily empathize with some of his performance.

Claiming to be "financial management idiot" in the internet world, Ka Tung not only came to Guangzhou to promote but also took the opportunity to experience the late night snacks. However he did not know how to use online payment, when he paid with cash he would be "several beats slower". After working on CYBER HEIST, Ka Tung had even more new knowledge of the internet but he reminded the audience. "The internet would be a convenience to people, but it also would use people at the same time. How not to get swallowed up by the internet requires a little awareness."

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