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Sam Hui prefers fun over money
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Sam Hui appears in great shape on the streets and performs to warm up for his Hong Kong Coliseum concerts
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Sam Hui has been training everyday for the concerts and shows off his Kirin arms

The always friendly Sam Hui goes to the fans for handshakes and photos

Sam Hui holds a press conference in Tsim Sha Tsui and performs hits like a preview.  Over 100 fans show their support
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In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Cantonese songs, Sam Hui Koon Kit yesterday held a press conference to announce his 6 show Hong Kong Coliseum concert series from April 7 to 12. In a black tank top, leather pants and sunglasses, Sam at the Tsim Sha Tsui landmark of five flag poles performed his classic hits AH LONG'S LOVE SONG, HAPPINESS and TOWER IN THE CLOUDS. Over 100 fans watched. Sam even personally went to the audience for handshakes and photos.

The event played Sam's brother Michael Hui Koon Man's well wishes video. Hui Koon Man was happy to see his brother perform. Hong Kong people after 3 years of the pandemic faced the days after. He hoped that Sam's concerts would bring together everyone's life energy and rebuild an even more lovable Pearl of the Orient. Concert director Shiu Chiu Shun, executive producer Chan Suk Fun, Ma Wing Shin and others presented their collections to congratulate Sam. Mr. Siu revealed that concert tickets would only be HK$ 380 and 800. The lower tier tickets would be most of the seats per Sam's request. He joked, "We would maintain a first class production, so I can only cut the singer's pay." Sam joked, "Poor me I don't get to make any money, but the most important is for everyone to be happy." Host Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui revealed that Sam turned the studio into the gym, everyday he rehearsed songs and lifted dumb bells. He was in even more outstanding shape than the younger generation.

Sam said that recently he has already begun training, hoping to be able to handle the series of shows. He expected to perform 8 to 10 shows, depending on whether he would be able to add more shows then. Dd he really take a pay cut? Sam said, "Not much pay, mostly work. The most important is for everyone to feel it's good and fun." Siu Chiu Shun said that there was no production pressure and joked that if the budget would come up short, Sam has already promised to cover the rest. He also revealed that Hui Koon Man has finally agreed to be Sam's concert guest. Although for now they did not know whether he would sing, but stand up comedy could be enjoyed as well. Sam said that this year would be the Cantonese songs' 50th anniversary, he felt that music should not just have them old folks. They should pass the baton to a new generation. Thus he planned to invite a new generation of young singers. He liked Eason Chan Yik Shun, Hins Cheung King Hing and Terence Lam Ka Him's work. Siu Chiu Shun said that Serrini's song YAU TSIM MONG BLONDE LING and Sam's TSIM SHA TSUI SUSIE have many similarities.

As for costumes, Sam said that he would wear his favorite leopard print. Designer Chan Wa Kwok has already gone to Thailand to purchase the material for his clothes. In recent years new comers have risen in music, which Sam felt was a good thing. "Cantonese songs is great to make, Cantonese songs would never die. As long as there is Hong Kong, Cantonese songs would exist. I also would never say quit."

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