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Alan Luk
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Sammi Cheng's comments earn her praises online
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Sammi Cheng graciously responds to Jacqueline Wong's return and transition to a singer 

Jacqueline Wong posts her song CROWN ME to YouTube last night

Two child acors, Sammi Cheng, director Ka Sing Fung and Alan Luk attend the audience appreciation event 

Alan Luk comments on his lack of a Best Actor nomination, "No expectation means no disappointment."
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Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Alan Luk Chun Kwong and director Ka Sing Fung as well as two child actors Ng Chi Kiu and Chiu Kai Fung on the Even of Valentine's Day went to a Kwun Tong cinema for their film LOST LOVE (LAU SHUI LOK FA)'s audience appreciation event, which was quite a surprise for the audience. Some female fan even screamed, "I love you, Cheng Sau Man!"

The director said that on the Eve of Valentine's Day he wanted to thank two women, one was the film's screenwriter and his wife Law Kam Sin and the other was his love in his previous life, the daughter who wrote the Chinese film title for the film. After the show, viewers flocked to ask Sammi for selfies and autographs. They refused to leave and flooded to outside the venue to look on.

Sammi and Luk Chun Kwong spoke to the media together. Recently many Hong Kong films have achieved great success. Did they have any expectation for LOST's box office? Sammi said that she did not dare to hope. The things that she has gotten from making this film already far surpassed her own imagination. Thus she would leave the box office to the viewers and Heaven. She would gladly face it. The Dayo Wong Tze Wa starred film A GUILTY CONSCIENCE (DUK SIT DAI JONG)'s box office has already exceeded HK$ 90 million. Sammi said, "Truly it's god class box office! I am happy for Tze Wa, proving that viewers are willing to go to the movies and have the freedom to choose different directions. This year I have gone to the movies and watched many new films. Each film has its own unique color and style. LOST LOVE also has a different type of style and warmth."

Sammi with this film was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. She stated that she felt very happy and cherish this feeling very much. "The nomination doesn't come by easily, I am very grateful to be in the top five. (Are you confident about winning?) I don't dare to think about it. (Because Sylvia Chang is the competition?) If she would win of course I would be happy for her. This morning I just sent her a text. She gave me so much encouragement. (Sister Chang is your nemesis?) Sister Chang and I a very close friends, not competitive rivals. I would never feel anyone is an enemy. She is my role model. Last year she and I made a movie together. I really admire her acting and her generosity."

After numerous nominations without winning an award, this time would be his 10th nomination. Would Sammi feel if she would win it would be perfect? Sammi did not dare to hold out too much hope. "I don't dare to think about it, actually I am used to losing. This time would be the 10th nomination, I would continue to leave it to Heaven. I am grateful for my effort, starting to make less comedy without giving up acting. I would continue to try and not give up opportunities to improve. Finally I have reached this step. Thank you very much to the Film Critic Society for giving an award to me, recognize my acting. I really have spent over a decade to reach this step."

Luk Chun Kwong was not nominated for the film. Did he feel disappointed? "No expectation, no disappointment." He also revealed that because he forgot April 16th would be the Hong Kong Film Awards, originally he bought plane tickets to go on vacation with his wife. Now he would have to reschedule and attend to support Sammi. Would Sammi would walk the red carpet with husband Andy Hui Chi On? She sad, "I am by myself every time, I like to dress up and go solo. I don't need to hold anyone's hand. Mostly I would hold the director's or other actors'. (Why wouldn't you attend with On Jai to share the joy?) Every year I haven't, mostly I haven't. I don't have this habit, and habits don't have exceptions. (If you do, you might win?) This year I don't have such a plan. (On Jai hasn't asked to attend?) Of course not, that's not his personality."

How would she celebrate Valentine's Day? Foodie Sammi joked, "Of course I would eat a little, because on the 15th I would have to fly and go elsewhere for several days. I am fine with just a bag of potato chips. I wouldn't really celebrate, just spend it like normal. As long as I am happy and safe I am fine."

Speaking of Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing releasing her new song on Valentine's Day, Sammi said that she did not notice. Did she have any advice to her? She said, "I have no idea what you are saying, so I can't answer you!" Later Sammi said, "I feel actually whatever the experience is, everyone should have a chance to star over."

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