Wednesday, August 8, 2012


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The Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit), Michelle Chen and Wen Zhang starred new film BUT YI SUN TAM (SECOND TO NONE DETECTIVE) recently shot on location in Hong Kong. Lead actress Michelle Chen two nights ago worked on a wire scene in Causeway Bay. The team not only used a crane truck but also fifty workers, attracting many onlookers.

Around 9PM, Michelle Chen was pulled by 4 to 5 men to around 20 feet up. In mid air she was screaming and kicking, resulting in a bad take. Because most of the workers were male, Michelle Chen in order to prevent wardrobe malfunction kept pulling at the bottom of her shorts. The film's action director Corey Yeung Kwai supervised the entire time. Finally Michelle Chen took three takes. No wonder when she returned to the ground she immediately flashed her trademark dimpled smile.

Later Michelle worked another another midair fall scene. Before the scene several male workers put the safety harness on her. She had to lean back on the ground then dragged up to the air. Before she was facing the sky the entire time, she could not see how high she was. Thus she was not as afraid as before. After the wire scene, the Goddess worked on the ground scene. Although she only played dead on the road, she still took half a hour to complete the scene.

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