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Andy Tien
Nicholas Tse says that Philip Ng is well trained in Wing Chun, only lacks confidence on the set
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Philip Ng Won Lung has been in the film industry for ten years. His outstanding martial art abilities have won his praises. His first lead in a film ONCE UPON A TIME IN SHANGHAI (NGOK JIN) is released today and he received support from friends. Yesterday a documentary about Ng Won lung was unveiled. Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho), action director Yuen Woo Ping talked about their opinions of Ng Won Lung.

Ting Fung said that they became friends after working on a Wing Chun series. Later he became Ting Fung's Wing Chun master. Ting Fung praised that he was very detailed when he taught, but lacked confidence on the set. He said, "I brought him to meet more directors. We spar more on the set to show people how far he beats Ting Fung by and to help elevate his self confidence." They also talked about practicing in the middle of the night. Ng Won Lung described them as "two guys in boxers" practices steps, because they were too noisy the neighbors knocked on the door. Ting Fung at the time pretended that he had no idea what happened and instead scared the neighbor, "I said, 'No! What noise did you hear?' Obviously we were fighting or doing something ambiguous! Then we continued to practice, that neighbor probably moved!"

Studying martial art since childhood, Ng Won Lung's parents operated a martial art school in the U.S. He even received Wong Jing's compliment that he had shades of the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan. "Everyday he opened the door and accepted different people's challenges, he definitely has actual fight experience. Not every actor can fight for real like this." Yuen Woo Ping was ONCE's action director and he praised Ng Wong Lung's acting as high quality.

Ng Won Lung tried his luck in Hong Kong with a master's degree. With over 1,000 students he was full of self confidence. Yet when he first got into the business he suffered. When he was Ng Kin Ho's double the wires almost strangled him to death. He was also disillusioned from being called "minor star". Luckily Wong Jing encouraged him to be a "big star" and to continue on. "Today I finally am the lead, I feel these ten years were valuable."

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