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Dante Lam hopes to work with Nick Cheung on his new film
Jiang Luxia reveals that she has not had a period in 10 months
Dante Lam plans to take the team on vacation in Japan
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Emperor Motion Pictures' OPERATION RED SEA two nights ago held a screening at Causeway Bay. Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin and stars Jiang Luxia, Du Jiang, Wang Yutian and Henry Mak attended.

Playing the "communication soldier" in the film, Emperor new comer Henry Mak left the deepest impression with the audience. He turned a childlike pretty boy into a masculine sailor and played an unique heroic image. Two nights ago Du Jiang humbly said that his Cantonese was not so fluent, Dante Lam Chiu Yin and Henry Lam immediately lent a hand. Actually Henry Mak's grandfather was from Hong Kong, so he knew Cantonese since he was little. When he returned to Hong Kong he felt very familiar. He tried to answer in Cantonese in promotions and interviews. That night Lam Chiu Yin taught Du Jiang to introduce himself in Cantonese, Henry Mak hilariously taught him to say Du Jiang as "soy milk", which cracked up the entire audience.

Jiang Luxia revealed that the production caused endocrine dyscrasia, which she had Chinese medicine for half a treatment. She has not had a period in ten months. WHERE ARE YOU GOING DAD 5's Du Jiang was asked if he contacted his reality show friend Jordan Chan Siu Chun and his son Jasper? He said, "I have been busy with the promotion, in addition Chan Siu Chun might be on vacation. Before the Lunar New Year we talked over video chat."

OPERATION RED SEA opened in the Mainland on the Lunar New Year's Day and remained on top into the month of March. So far its box office was already over 2.5 billion yuan.

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