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Wong Jing and Donnie Yen are fully confident about their two new films
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Wong Jing, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and others appeared at the Mega Vision 2018 film, artist, web drama parade. Yen Chi Tan said that after working with Wong Jing on the film CHASING THE DRAGON (JUI LUNG) he felt very confident and excited. Thus he established "Super Bullet" production company to work with Wong Jing again on BIG BROTHER (DAI SI HING) and ENTER THE FAT DRAGON (FEI LUNG GOR GONG). Wong Jing even revealed that he will make an epic similar to the 3.5 billion RMB hit OPERATION RED SEA and bring in Yen Chi Tan. Was his goal to make a bigger hit than RED SEA? Wong Jing said that the most important was to make a good movie, he would leave how many billion for the audience to decide. Chi Tan said that his salary was very cheap and he never thought about the box office. However he congratulated Dante Lam Chiu Yin for being able to break a Chinese film industry record and encourage everyone's spirit of putting an effort into film productions.

Chi Tan said that this time in BIG BROTHER he would use a positive and inspirational way to examine the Hong Kong education problem. Because he was a father, he wanted through his own platform to not only make movies but also express some personal views. In addition Chi Tan would also star and produce in Benny Chan Muk Sing's film CROSSFIRE (FOR PING). Chan Muk Sing revealed that the film will shoot on location in South America.

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