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Tin Kai Man earlier appeared on a Radio Hong Kong program and stated that he has been waiting for "Sing Yeh" to tell him to "take his mark" on a film production.

Tin Kai Man revealed that he is working hard on coming up with great ideas for Stephen Chow Sing Chi. "I have to put in a lot of effort, otherwise that he would abandon them. He is very demanding even when he is at play." Mid April will be the Hong Kong Film Awards, as the Hong Kong Film Award Association director Tin Kai Man pointed out that every year he would invite Sing Yeh, but he has been too busy. This year's preparation period also ran into Sing Yeh at work. As for MERMAID 2 it will have to wait until June to wrap up production. Tin Kai Man said that he has always been waiting for Sing Yeh to tell him to "take his mark", but so far he still has not heard from him. "However some crew members have already contacted me and I probably would have a part. I too would like to participate. We have worked together closely for 13 years, he is a close friend of mine but I don't know if I am lucky enough to be his. He is like a teacher and a friend to me. We never built our friendship on profit."

To Tin Kai Man, show business is not just a job but a dream. "I stay (in show business) for 30 years already, lately I have been nominated for the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers' presidency. I was both pleased and worried. Because this organization would take a lot of time, I would have less than to be with my wife." Speaking of his wife, Tin Kai Man stated that he owed her too much. He hoped to make up for it in the future, he also pointed out that although he was not a perfect husband his heart was working toward that goal.

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